A Message from the Director

Fishing Regulations Icon Delaware Fishing

Fishing on Delaware’s picturesque waters is an enjoyable way to relax away from daily distractions. For other anglers, fishing is a challenge, trying new methods, pursuing different or the largest fish, or competing against other anglers. No matter why or how you fish, anglers need to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to the fish they are pursuing.

Some anglers claim that there are too many rules and regulations that restrict fishing seasons and the size and how many fish they can keep. It can be frustrating to have to release a fish that is only a half inch below the legal size limit, or to release a trophy fish that is caught during a closed season.

Anglers should recognize that the quality of fishing is made possible with the help of these rules and regulations, whether to allow a fish to grow to spawning size to produce the next generation of fish or to manage the number of fish to keep the population stable and accessible to all. We thank anglers for their conservation ethic that helps provide quality fishing for today and the future.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife is committed to providing quality fishing opportunities by managing sustainable fish populations, as We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service.

As an avid Delaware angler for many years, I hope to see you on the water. “Tight lines” this fishing season…

David E. Saveikis