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Welcome to 2022-23 Delaware Hunting

Delaware Hunting Regulations Cover

Hunting, like life, is about people, places and experiences. Our hunting photo contest theme Hunt with a Buddy encouraged people to enjoy a hunting experience together, whether with a family member or friend. The cover of this hunting guide features the contest-winning photo capturing a hunting experience that will hopefully be a lifetime passion. I encourage you to check out the other photo contest winners, and to make your own hunting experiences and memories with a buddy.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife provides numerous and diverse places for you to hunt on approximately 65,000 acres of public wildlife areas throughout the state. These wildlife areas featured on Public Lands Hunting & Trapping of this guide provide you access to a variety of hunting opportunities. We scientifically manage wildlife populations and their habitats on these wildlife areas, as well as scientifically manage hunting statewide, to provide sustainable and diverse game populations.

The Division and its dedicated and passionate staff are committed to providing you and your buddies quality hunting and trapping opportunities and experiences, now and for the future, as We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service.

Whether hunting or trapping with a buddy or solo, make your own hunting experiences and have a successful, enjoyable and safe hunting and trapping season.

David E. Saveikis - Director