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Message from Division of Environmental Conservation Police

Since 1895 the Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police have been providing Natural Resource Protection and Public Safety through Education, Outreach, and Enforcement. Traditionally known as Game Wardens, today’s Conservation Officer is a highly trained officer tasked with many missions, but our main mission is still natural resource protection. Our officers have a calling and desire to protect our State’s natural resources and ensure all have an equal opportunity to enjoy those resources. Since spring 2020, we have been experiencing a time like no other, with the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented use of our great outdoor resources. As we navigate through the challenges caused by the pandemic, it is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to the tradition of hunting and trapping. Take advantage of the renewed interest in the outdoors to be a mentor. Next time you head out to the fields or woods, take time to invite another and teach the skills and traditions that have been passed on to you. As we have learned this past year during the pandemic, there is still a keen interest in nature and outdoor activities. As ethical sportsmen and women, take time to review the hunting laws and regulations. Remember to purchase your license and be proud of the support your license dollars provide to the benefit of all wildlife, including non-game species. We would not enjoy the abundant natural resources today were if not for hunters and anglers and the support their license dollars provide to benefit all Connecticut residents. Thank you for your help and good luck! Colonel Chris Lewis Director, Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police Report Fish and Wildlife Violations to DEEP’s 24-hour Dispatch Center at 1-800-842-HELP All calls are confidential.