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Harvest Tags

Deer / Turkey Harvest Tags

This page has Harvest Tags that deer and turkey hunters must use to identify their harvest. Photocopies or handwritten versions of these Harvest Tags may also be used. Handwritten versions of these tags must also be signed and include your Conservation ID#, your name, date of kill, time of kill, town of kill and the permit type used. Additional copies of these Harvest Tags are available on the DEEP’s website, Immediately upon harvesting a deer or turkey, complete and sign a Harvest Tag and keep it with the carcass at all times. Harvested deer and turkey must be reported within 24 hours via the internet at or by calling 1-877-337-4868. After reporting your harvest, you will be given a report confirmation number to write on the tag. Keep the tag, completed with all information, with the carcass until it is cut up for consumption. Click here to download your harvest tags.

Lead Bullet Fragments in Wild Game

There have been concerns about the potential risk of exposure to lead fragments in deer meat harvested with lead ammunition. These considerations have prompted the DEEP, in consultation with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, to provide additional guidance for hunters and consumers of venison. If you would like additional information concerning the health risks of exposure to lead, contact the Department of Public Health at call 860-509-7740.