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Environmental Conservation Police

Message from Environmental Conservation Police

We all look forward to a new year in 2021 as we hope to escape the COVID-19 madness and restrictions. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that our abundant fishing opportunities are a great opportunity for all to escape to the great outdoors and reconnect with nature while improving our physical and mental health. Our Environmental Conservation Officers were out in force during the beginning of the pandemic to ensure that Connecticut could keep our fishing opportunities open and available to all. Thanks to the incredible work of our officers and Fisheries staff Connecticut has been able to offer excellent fishing opportunities to all. Our officers will continue to work in 2021 to ensure that we maintain the availability of our many excellent fishing opportunities. As you prepare for a new year and new adventures, remember to purchase your fishing license. The funds directly support our fisheries programs and enable Connecticut to provide access and opportunity to all to enjoy the outdoors. As we anticipate a return to “normal” please follow and like our social media pages and monitor our website for current information and updates, including for regulations such as the new circle hook regulation for Striped Bass. As always, our Environmental Conservation Police Officers want everyone to have a safe, enjoyable and successful adventure. We are here to help so please do not hesitate to ask questions or for advice. Our officers have a lot of knowledge they are happy to share and are always happy to clarify any questions you may have. Before you head out for the first time this year take the time to review this digest for up to date regulations. When fishing from a vessel please wear your life jacket and file a float plan to leave with a family member, friend, marina or in your vehicle before heading out. Please be sure to review the Trout and Salmon Stamp information to determine if you need a stamp before heading out. The stamp, along with your fishing license, are easily obtained online or in person at one of our many license vendors. Your purchase of a fishing license and stamp all goes to support our great state’s fisheries programs. Please go out to a local lake, river or a shoreline access point and take advantage of the many fishing opportunities that await you. Bring a friend and share the experience, and when fishing from a vessel remember to be safe and wear your life jacket. While out enjoying our natural resources, we ask for your help in protecting your resources from those abusing them by reporting fish and game violations by calling our 24-hour toll free number at 1-800-842-4357. The more information, the better. Try to provide the following information if you can:
  • Vehicle Description
  • License Plate Number
  • Clothing Description
  • Area Being Poached
  • Time You Observed
  • Patterns You ObservedThank you for your help and good luck! Colonel Chris Lewis- Director, Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police