It Is Unlawful to:

Hunting Regulations Icon California Hunting

  • Hunt any game bird or mammal without having the required licenses, tags and/or stamps in possession; FGC 1054.2. Change, mutilate, or transfer any license, tag, or stamp; Have in possession while hunting any license belonging to another person. FGC 1052.
  • Sell or barter game taken under authority of a hunting license. FGC 3039.
  • Use an artificial light to assist in taking any game bird or game mammal. FGC 2005.
  • Use dogs to take elk, bighorn sheep, bobcat, antelope and bears. CCR T14-265(a)(2).
  • Knowingly feed big game mammals. CCR T14-251.3.
  • Take mammals within 400 yards of any baited area. This does not apply to the taking of mammals on or over standing crops, croplands, or grains found scattered solely as the result of normal agricultural operations or procedures. CCR T14-257.5.
  • Pursue, drive, herd, or take any bird or mammal from any type of motor-driven air or land vehicles, motorboat, airboat, sailboat, or snowmobile, except when the motor is off and/or the sails furled and it is drifting, beached, moored, resting at anchor, or is being propelled by paddle, oar or pole. CCR T14-251.
  • Hunt with a crossbow during archery season (except with a Disabled Archer Permit). CCR T14-354(g).
  • Possess a firearm while hunting during archery season or while hunting during the general season with an archery-only tag. CCR T14-354(h).
  • To deposit, permit to pass into, or place where it can pass into the waters of the state, or to abandon, dispose of, or throw away, within 150 feet of the high water mark of the waters of the state, any cans, bottles, garbage, rubbish, or the viscera or carcass of any dead mammal, or the carcass of any dead bird. FGC 5652.
  • Intentionally discharge a firearm or release an arrow or crossbow bolt from a bow or crossbow upon or across any highway, road or other way open to vehicular traffic. CCR T14-354(e), FGC 3004(b).
  • The Department may inspect the following:

    (a) All boats, markets, stores and other buildings, except dwellings, and all receptacles, except the clothing actually worn by a person at the time of inspection, where birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, or amphibia may be stored, placed, or held for sale or storage. FGC 1006.

  • All licenses, tags, and the birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, or amphibians taken or otherwise dealt with under this code, and any device or apparatus designed to be, and capable of being, used to take birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, or amphibians shall be exhibited upon demand to any game warden. FGC 2012.