Hunter Education Program

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Basic: Pass on the Tradition: Be a Hunter Education Instructor!

Do you love to hunt? The California Department of Fish and Wildlife needs volunteer Hunter Education Instructors. Pass on the tradition of hunting to future generations! For more information on becoming a Hunter Education Instructor, visit our website at www.wildlife.ca.gov/Hunter-Education or call (916) 653-1235.

Advanced: Take Basic Hunter Education to the Next Level

Advanced Hunting Clinics focus on the “how-tos” of hunting and are designed for both the novice and experienced hunter. The clinics expand on what is taught in the basic Hunter Education and provide one to two days of training in specialized areas at a level that time does not allow for in the standard hunter education course. You will learn more about biology, habitat needs, hunting regulations, game care and safety, blackpowder hunting, wilderness navigation, and more. Additionally, participants will discuss hunting techniques and hunter ethics. All clinics include some form of field demonstration or hands-on training. What happens after you pull the trigger? Students are taught the proper way to field dress an animal and how to butcher and prepare for the table.

For additional information about the Advanced Hunter Education Program as well as clinic dates and locations, visit www.wildlife.ca.gov/Hunter-Education/Advance or Contact Lt. Alan Gregory at alan.gregory@wildlife.ca.gov.

Sea un instructor de la Educación del Cazador. El California Department of Fish and Wildlife solicitas instructores de caceria responsible. Éres aficionado a la cacería? Desea pasarle a la siguiente generación la tradición de la cacería? Para más informacion, llame al CDFW (916) 653-1235.