Reminders for CPFV Owners, Operators & Anglers

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations California Saltwater Fishing

The cooperation of owners and operators of commercial passenger fishing vessels (CPFVs) has been critical to the success of the California Recreational Fisheries Survey (CRFS) since its inception in 2004. The data collected by CRFS is used to estimate the catch (total number of fish by species) and effort (total number of fishing trips) of saltwater recreational anglers, and to assist in the establishment of regulations aimed to maximize fishing opportunities while conserving fisheries for future use.

CRFS samplers interview anglers and crew, and examine catch onboard CPFVs both at sea and dockside. CPFV owners and operators are reminded that accurate catch and effort estimates depend on access to both kept and discarded catch information by CRFS samplers. In addition, CRFS samplers must observe both open party and chartered trips, and must gather effort data frequently to ensure the best possible estimates.

By law (California Code of Regulations T-14, Section 105.5), owners or operators of CPFVs must carry and accommodate CRFS samplers on fishing trips when asked. If sampler coverage of a trip is denied by the owner or operator of the vessel, the CDFW may request a written explanation for the denial, and CPFV owners or operators who deny sampler coverage of a trip may have their fishing permits or licenses revoked.

Anglers are encouraged to answer CRFS samplers’ questions; however, angler participation in the survey is voluntary. CRFS samplers will ask anglers aboard CPFVs about the species they kept and discarded, how often they fish, and their zip code. CRFS samplers will also ask the crew about fishing target(s), descending device usage, and bottom depth. Onboard the vessel, while anglers are fishing, CRFS samplers will collect data on catch rates, species composition, fishing locations, and length of fish that the anglers do not keep. After anglers have completed fishing for the day, CRFS samplers will record the lengths and weights of fish that were kept.

Further information about CRFS, and a link to recreational catch and effort estimates, is available on the CDFW website at www.wildlife.ca.gov/conservation/marine/CRFS.