Marine Invertebrate Regulations Index

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations California Saltwater Fishing

Listed in alphabetical order by species; references regulations pertaining to all species mentioned in the 2018-2019 California Saltwater Sport Fishing Regulations booklet and CCR T-14.

2018 Table of Applicable Sportfishing Regulations for Marine Invertebrates by Species (Cont.)


Individual Daily Bag and Possession Limit

Size Limit

Seasonal Closures, Area Closures and Depth Restrictions

Gear Restrictions or Methods of Take

General Invertebrate Regulations

All marine invertebrates not listed below (including but not limited to: limpets, turban snails, native oysters, octopuses, non-Cancer crabs, shrimp, sand dollars, sea urchins, worms etc.)

Sec. 29.05

Sec. 29.05(a) and (c)

Sec. 29.05(a) and (b)

Sec. 29.05(c) and (d); 29.10(a), 29.80


Abalone, red

Red abalone season is closed for 2018. See note on Invertebrates Regulations for more information.

Abalone – all other species

Take or possession is PROHIBITED; Sec. 29.15(c)

Clams, general

Sec. 29.05(a)

Sec. 29.05(a), 29.10(b), 29.20(a) and (d)

Sec. 29.05(a) and (b), 29.20(b)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), 29.20(c)

Clams – gaper and Washington

Sec. 29.25

Sec. 29.20(b)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), 29.20(c)

Clams – geoduck (a.k.a. horse or horseneck clams)

Sec. 29.30

Sec. 29.20(b)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), 29.20(c)

Clams – littleneck, soft-shell, chiones, northern quahogs, cockles

Sec. 29.35(a)

Sec. 29.05(c), 29.10(b), 29.20(d), 29.35(b)

Sec. 29.20(b)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), 29.20(c)

Clam, Pismo

Sec. 29.40(b)

Sec. 29.05(c), 29.10(b), 29.20(d), 29.40(c)

Sec. 29.20(b), 29.40(a) and (d)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), 29.20(c)

Clam, razor

Sec. 29.45(b)

Sec. 29.20(b), 29.45(a)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), 29.20(c)


Sec. 29.55

Annual quarantine issued by CDPH. Biotoxin Information Line: 1-800-553-4133

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a)

Scallop, rock

Sec. 29.60(a)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.60(b)

Scallop, speckled (bay)

Take or possession is PROHIBITED; Sec. 29.65

Squid – market and jumbo

Sec. 29.70

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a), and 29.70

Snail, moon

Sec. 29.71(a)

Sec. 29.71(b)

Sec. 29.05(d), 29.10(a)



Take or possession in the intertidal zone is PROHIBITED. See note at end of table and Sec. 29.05(b)(1)

Crab, Dungeness
Metacarcinus magister

Sec. 29.85(a)(3)

29.85(a)(7) and (c)

Sec. 29.85(a)(1) and (2)(A) and (B)

Sec. 29.05(c) and (d);
29.85(a)(4), (5) and (6), 29.80(a) through (e) and (g)

Crabs – Cancer genus
(rock crab, etc.)

Sec. 29.85(b)(2)

Sec. 29.85(b)(3), and(c)

Sec. 29.85(b)(1)

Sec. 29.05(c) and (d); Sec. 29.80(a) through (e) and (g)

Crab, sand
(a.k.a. mole crab)

Sec. 29.85(d)

Sec. 29.05(a)

Sec. 29.80(h)

Lobster, spiny

Sec. 29.90(b)

29.90(c) and (e)

Sec. 29.90(a)

Sec. 29.05(c) and (d); Sec. 29.80(a), (b) and (g), 29.90(d)

Shrimp, bay
(a.k.a. grass shrimp)

Sec. 29.86

Sec. 29.05(a) and (b)

Sec. 29.80(a), (f) through (j)

Shrimp – ghost and blue mud

Sec. 29.87

Sec. 29.05(a) and (b)

Sec. 29.80(a), (f) through (j)

Shrimp, coonstripe

Sec. 29.88(b)

Sec. 29.05(a)

Sec. 29.80(a), (f) through (j)