Harvest Reporting

Saltwater Marine Fishing Regulations California Saltwater Fishing

Online Harvest Reporting is Available On These Dates:

Harvest Report Type

Reporting Dates

Late Reporting*

Abalone Report Card Nov 1 – Jan 31 Feb 1 – Apr 1
Spiny Lobster Report Card The day after the last day of the season – Apr 30 May 1 – Jul 1
Sturgeon Fishing Report Card Jan 1 – Jan 31 Feb 1 – Apr 1
  • Report your harvest online using the Online License Service at wildlife.ca.gov/Licensing/Online-Sales; or
  • Return your report card via mail to the address printed on the card. If you mail your card, consider using certified mail with tracking and retain the tracking number for proof of submittal in case your card is lost in the mail. Cards that are lost in the mail are considered not returned.
  • Accurate and complete data is required. If you report online, all entries on the report card must be entered in the electronic form, including sport fishing reports of activity when no catches were made.
  • Submission of report card data online must be completed within 20 minutes to avoid a system time out.
  • Sport fishing report cards may be reported online only after the last day of the report card’s validity.
  • If you report online, do not mail in your report card. You will be issued a report confirmation number. After reporting, please write your report confirmation number on your report card, and retain it as proof of submittal. Once a report card has been reported, it may no longer be used in the field.

Remember, a $21.60 non-return fee will be charged when purchasing a spiny lobster report card if the previous year’s report card is not returned or reported online by the April 30 deadline! To avoid the fee, you may either return or report your card by the deadline, or skip one lobster fishing season. After skipping one season, you can purchase a spiny lobster report card the following season at no extra cost.