Speed Laws

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The following speed limits are established by law as the maximum to be driven under favorable conditions on highways which are not otherwise posted. (See speed limitation below).

Business district: 20 mph.*

Alley: 15 mph. *

School zone: 20 mph.*

Residential district: 25 mph.*

Any other roadway: 55*

*Local authorities or the State Department of Transportation and Public Facilities may alter speed limits (13 AAC 02.280). Speed limits on selected highways may be posted at 65.


When driving conditions are less than ideal a person operating a motor vehicle on the highway shall drive at a careful and prudent speed no greater than what is reasonable and proper having due regard for the following conditions:

  1. Traffic—When traffic is heavy, congested, or moving slowly.
  2. Surface—When the road surface is rough, icy, wet, or otherwise provides poor traction.
  3. Width—When the width of the roadway reduces your margin of safety.
  4. Weather—When weather conditions affect sight, distance, and traction. (Rain, snow, fog, dust, or smoke.)

A person may not drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than will permit them to stop within the assured clear distance ahead.

Motordriven cycle speed is limited by intensity of headlamp.

Lamps reveal person or vehicle at 100 feet      20 mph or less

Lamps reveal person or vehicle at 200 feet      21 to 29 mph

Lamps reveal person or vehicle at 300 feet      30 mph or more

Slow speed — A driver may not drive at such slow speed as to hold back or block the normal and reasonable flow of traffic.

Reckless driving — A willful disregard for the safety of persons or property. Conviction will result in a license revocation.

On multi-lane highways — If you drive slower than other traffic, use the right, outside

lane, except when passing.

Traffic Safety Corridors — To promote traffic safety, certain portions of the highway may be designated as traffic safety corridors. Fines for traffic offenses occurring in the corridor are doubled.