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You are viewing 2021's Turkey Seasons & Limits. Click to here to view information for 2022

Turkey Seasons & Limits

Alabama Turkey Hunting Map

Zone 1

March 25 - May 8

Zone 2

April 1 - May 8

Zone 3

November 20 - 28

December 11 - January 1

March 25 - May 8

Gobblers Only

One gobbler per day, four gobbler bag limit during combined fall and spring season.

Special Youth Hunt

Saturday & Sunday the week prior to opening of spring season.

Special Disabled Hunt

One day prior to all regular season opening days. Participants must meet medical requirements of regulation 220-2-.109(2)(d).

No decays the first ten days.

WMA and U.S. Forest Service National Forest

Bankhead NF; WMAs - Lauderdale, Freedom Hills, Black Warrior, Coon Gulf, Riverton CHA and Martin CHA: April 8 - May 8 (daylight - 1 p.m.)

Bag Limit

  • One Gobbler per day; four gobbler bag limit during spring season (no fall season)
  • No more than two gobblers from any one WMA, CHA, or National Forest (USFS)
  • No more than one gobbler during the first 10 days of each season from all combined WMAs, CHAs and National Forests (USFS)

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