Major Changes & Important Information

Hunting Regulations Icon Alabama Hunting & Fishing

  • Two additional deer zones and associated earlier seasons (see Deer Seasons & Bag Limits).
  • Any person who is in possession of deer or turkey not harvested by that person must have in their possession proper written documentation including accompanying Game Check confirmation numbers.
  • Removed restriction of running dogs during daytime or after 3 am during and in areas of spring turkey seasons in areas of spring turkey seasons.
  • Reduced Scaup limit from 3 to 1 (see Other Seasons & Bag Limits).
  • Removed minimum acreage requirement for participation in Cooperative Deer Management Assistance Program.
  • Wild baitfish caught from public waters may not be imported from any area outside of Alabama (see Wild Baitfish Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Blueback Herring may be used for bait on or within the water from which they were caught (see Wild Baitfish Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Mandatory release of Alligator Gar caught with commercial or non-game fishing gear (see Creel & Size Limits).


  • FAIL TO REPORT HARVEST: Many warnings were issued by the state’s Conservation Enforcement Officers during the past hunting seasons for violations of the Game Check Regulation. This season any violation of this regulation will result in the issuance of citations which have monetary fines attached to them. See Mandatory for All Deer & Turkey Hunters for further information on the Game Check System.
  • Import prohibited deer parts: It is unlawful for persons hunting outside of Alabama to bring deer, elk, moose, caribou or any other cervidae carcasses, hides or antlers back to Alabama from any other location unless all meat has been deboned and skull plates and hides have been thoroughly cleaned of all brain and spinal cord tissue.