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Public Fishing Lakes

State-owned Public Fishing Lakes (PFLs) include all land and waters under the direct supervision of the Fisheries Section of the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division. The lakes are as follows:

Public Fishing Lake


Lake Phone #

Closed Days


Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD

State-owned public fishing lakes are typically open six days a week from February 1 through June 30 each year. From July 1 until November 30, some lakes are only open five days a week. During the months of December and January, many lakes are closed or operate on a limited basis. Information and schedules may change without notice, so please call the Lake Manager or the appropriate Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries District Office for the current operating schedule.


Cindy Holder

(205) 938-2318


Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD


Gene Simmons

(256) 488-0038


City of Elba, Ricky Mularz

(334) 447-2384


Closing Fall 2022 for renovation. Close date TBD

(334) 335-3103


City of Ozark, Steve Sherrill

(334) 774-0588


Anthony Fail

(334) 874-8804


Steven Simmons

(256) 657-1300


Allison Lee Devine

(251) 809-0068


No on-site manager


Daniel Drake

(334) 684-0361


Kathy Parker

(205) 695-8283


Chris and Tina Wright

(334) 745-6563


Chris and Cole Coultas

(256) 776-4905


Barbara Goggans

(205) 495-1753


Darryl and Tammy Ikner

(251) 789-2104


City of Troy, Brian Meadows

(334) 674-2480


Closed. Reopening date TBD

(205) 221-1801


No on-site manager

At all State Owned Public Fishing Lakes, it is illegal to:

  • Stock fish, including minnows used as legal bait
  • Sell any fish that was caught from Public Fishing Lakes
  • Use any minnow as bait except for goldfish, shiners or toughies (fatheads)
  • Fish with jugs, bow and arrow, or hand grabbling
  • Operate gasoline outboard motors except where permitted
  • Camp (except where permitted), swim, wade or use sailboats
  • Launch any boat including kayaks and canoes without a permit
  • Be unruly or disorderly
  • Solicit, sell or advertise
  • Remove shrubs, wildflowers, trees or plants
  • Deface or destroy state ­property
  • Exceed posted speed limits
  • Operate unlicensed vehicles such as ATVs
  • Consume alcoholic beverages during hours of operation
  • Hunt, trap, ­pursue, catch or sell any wild bird or wild animal
  • Fish without a permit if age 12 or older


All anglers 12 years old and older must have a valid permit in possession to legally fish. No child younger than 12 years old can legally be left unaccompanied by an adult at a Public Fishing Lake (PFL). All daily creel, possession and size limits are posted at each lake. Fishing time is limited to daylight hours or as specified by the lake manager. No method other than hook and line with natural or artificial bait may be used at a PFL. All anglers must exhibit their catch, fishing permit and fishing license to a Conservation Officer or the Lake Manager upon demand. All fish must be carried to the Lake Manager who must count and weigh them. All PFLs are designated as wildlife sanctuaries. The above is a synopsis of regulations for state-owned Public Fishing Lakes and is intended as a general guide. Please refer to the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division Regulation Book for complete regulations.