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Welcome to Alabama Fishing

2023 Alabama Hunting and Fishing Regulations Cover

Major Changes for 2023-2024

  • Expanded Deer CMZ High Risk Zone to include all of Lauderdale County.
  • Changed nighttime season dates for Coyote & Feral Swine to end opening day of archery deer season.
  • Changed caliber from .30 to .25 for pre-charged pneumatic air powered guns for Bobcat, Groundhog, Unprotected Wildlife, Fox, Coyote and Feral Swine.
  • No Walleye possession from the Duck River Reservoir.

Major Changes for 2022-2023

  • New Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Management Zone (CMZ) Deer Season Zone to include Lauderdale and Colbert Counties (see Deer Seasons & Limits)
  • New Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone (CMZ) Regulation (
  • Mandatory CWD Sampling of hunter harvested deer on specified days within CMZ.
  • No transport of whole deer or deer (cervid) body parts outside of CMZ unless completely deboned.
  • No baiting or supplemental feeding of wildlife in the CMZ.
  • Moved Colbert County to buffer zone (BZ).
  • Moved portion of Marshall County from Zone C to Zone A.
  • Turkey decoys allowed for youth and disabled seasons.