Quick Wild Turkey and Wild Rice Soup
If you want to take your time, make your own stock out of a roasted wild turkey carcass and leg/thigh meat.

Mallard with Butter Bourbon Sauce
OK, this recipe comes with a warning. Pay attention. Anytime you add alcohol to a hot pan, there’s gonna be fire. While I know that making fire is fun, it’s also dangerous.

Recipe: Redhead “Steak” Sandwich
In the tradition of the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, this recipe is a quicky that’ll fool some of your friends who claim that they don’t like the taste of duck. /p>

Pan-seared Venison Medallions with Balsamic Berry Sauce
Although the recipe calls for “pan-seared” venison medallions, the medllions can also be grilled or broiled as long as you don’t overcook them.

Venison, Mushroom and Bleu Cheese Burger
Complaints are common regarding the lack of flavor from ground venison. The meat is very lean and can suffer miserably from overcooking. I often add some ground fatty meat to my ground venison to add flavor and moisture.

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