Have you seen these decoys?

Avian-X LCD Decoys

When considering a new turkey decoy, there used to be 3 primary choices. 1. Cheap, ultra portable foam decoys 2. Hard body, hard to carry, expensive, super realistic decoys and 3. The latest breed of ‘Semi rigid’ decoys. Many of you likely have some of these as they have grown in popularity over the last several years. They look pretty good (when they return their intended shape) are pretty easy to carry (when you decide it’s worth risking the deforming effects of collapsing them) and they are moderately priced. Many of us have had success with this variety of decoy, despite some frustrations, but it appears that there is now an upgrade available.

The Avian-X line appears to offer the best of both worlds by making a decoy that is nearly as portable as the old foam decoys and almost as realistic looking as the super high-end rigid decoys.  The manufacturer says, “Realistic, true body postures, amazing feather details and a revolutionary, durable, no-flake paint make these decoys hard to distinguish from the real thing. Crafted of rugged Dura-Rubber, they fold up nicely for quick and easy transport in a vest, but won’t crease or dent like inferior folding decoys. A special one-piece collapsible staking system allows for ample natural movement without the spinning problems sometimes encountered with light decoys. Each comes with an olive-drab drawstring bag for storage or transport and a copy of Zink’s turkey-hunting DVD, Turkey Time III. Available: Feeder, High-Profile Looker, Breeder and Jake Quarter Strut.”

Starting at about eighty bucks, these are certainly worth checking out if you are in the market for some new decoys.



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