Cool Turkey Trophy

We all like to keep physical tokens of various kinds around to help us remember our past hunting experiences –and many of us have the taxidermy bills to prove it.

There are many ways to keep a piece of your tom turkey. Full body taxidermy mounts are great, but they are expensive, and how many do you really need done? Mounting the fan can be neat, and cheap, but again, how many do you really need to keep around.

We are not sure what to call this type of keepsake, and we have seen many variations of this basic idea. Regardless, using the shell that you harvested the bird with along with the beard and the spurs to create one of these “lanyard mounts” is cheap, easy and makes for a very attractive little trophy.

What you need:

  • Turkey Spurs (with attached leg bone sections) and beard
  • Shotgun Shell (does not NEED to be the one you used to harvest the bird, but we like that idea)
  • Some type of cord or leather strap
  • Hammer & nailset
  • Thick adhesive, like Shoe Goo (hot glue also works very well)


Step 1.

Save the Beard and Spurs. Cut the leg bone about ½ inch above and below the spurs and peel the skin off the bone. You can clean the bone as much as you’d like to whiten it, you also may want to coat the spurs in clear nail polish to help preserve them. Set out in the sun to dry (may take a few weeks).


Step 2.

Cut the plastic part of the shotgun shell off and pop the primer out with a nailset.


Step 3.

Pull the leather strap or cord through the shell and tie a knot in it to prevent it from pulling out.


Step 4.

Fill the inside of the brass with Shoe Goo or hot glue and insert the butt end of the beard. Let dry overnight.


Step 5.

String the spurs onto the cord and tie some kind of loop at the top for hanging.



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