Goose & Swan Identification

Washington Bird Hunting

Canada Goose


Canada (large)

Cackling (small)

White-fronted Goose

White Goose




blue phases

Dusky Canada Goose

Munsell color chart (10YR, 5 or less)

Culmen length of 40-50mm


Swans Are Protected by federal and state laws and are closed to harvest

Swan, Tundra or Trumpeter

(White adult, gray juvenile, Protected Species)

Washington Waterfowl Advisory Group

The Washington Waterfowl Advisory Group (WAG) was formed by WDFW in early 2003 to increase citizen involvement in the management of Washington’s waterfowl resources This group has members from a broad representation of waterfowl hunters throughout the state. Meetings are scheduled to provide advice to the department on a variety of topics, including planned expenditures of state migratory bird stamp revenues, waterfowl seasons, public access, and other topics. To learn more about the WAG, obtain meeting minutes, or contact a representative in your area, please contact the WDFW Waterfowl Section at (360) 902-2515 or please visit the website at https://wdfw.wa.gov/about/advisory/wwag . If you have comments to pass on to a WAG representative in your area, please email them to wildthing@dfw.wa.gov. State that the comments are for WAG, and note your county of residence. Thank you to those past members for dedicating your time and providing your insights to help shape waterfowl conservation and management here in Washington.