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Wildlife Management Areas

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries maintains 42 management areas totaling more than 203,000 acres for the benefit of all citizens for a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. Many management areas are open for some type of hunting. These lands are purchased and maintained with hunting, fishing, and trapping license fees and with Wildlife Restoration funds, derived from the sale of hunting-related equipment. We encourage the public to utilize all lands and enjoy the bountiful natural resources found there.

WMA Acres

1. * Game Farm Marsh WMA530 acres
2. Saxis WMA5,574 acres
3. * Mockhorn Island/GATR WMA7,642 acres
4. */# Hog Island/Carlisle WMA3,908 acres
5. */# Princess Anne WMA1,546 acres
6. Cavalier/Dismal Swamp WMA4,485 acres
7. Ragged Island WMA1,537 acres
8. * Chickahominy WMA5,218 acres
9. Powhatan WMA4,463 acres
10. * Amelia WMA2, 217 acres
11. * Dick Cross WMA1,400 acres
12. Briery Creek WMA3,164 acres
13. */## Featherfin WMA3,084 acres
14. Horsepen WMA2,910 acres
15. White Oak Mt. WMA2,712 acres
16. Turkeycock Mt. WMA2,678 acres
17. Crooked Creek WMA1,796 acres
18. Stewarts Creek WMA1,138 acres
19. Big Survey WMA7,564 acres
20. Hidden Valley WMA6,400 acres
21. Clinch Mt. WMA25,477 acres
22. ## Fairystone WMA5,414 acres
23. Havens WMA9,023 acres
24. James River WMA1,213 acres
25. Gathright WMA13,428 acres
26. Lake Robertson WMA581 acres
27. Goshen/Little North Mt. WMA33,697 acres
28. Highland WMA14,283 acres
29. Hardware River WMA1,175 acres
30. Rapidan WMA10,870 acres
31. Thompson WMA3,963 acres
32. ** Weston WMA271 acres
33. # C. F. Phelps WMA4,540 acres
34. Lands End WMA (Salem Church tract, squirrel only)450 acres
35. Pettigrew WMA934 acres
36. * Merrimac Farm WMA301 acres
37. ## Big Woods WMA4,208 acres
38. Short Hills WMA4,232 acres
39. Mattaponi WMA2,542 acres
40.* Doe Creek WMA637 acres
41. * Ware Creek WMA2,600 acres
42. ## Oakley Forest WMA2,911 acres

* Some or all hunting by quota hunt drawing (see Public Hunting Quota Hunts).

** Hunting is not allowed.

# Managed hunt opportunities offered (see Public Hunting Quota Hunts).

## Antler point restrictions (APR-see Deer Hunting Regulations).