Hunters for the Hungry

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We hope you will consider helping the Hunters for the Hungry program. As a hunter, we would ask, if you are able, to consider donating to help us feed those who struggle with hunger. There are two ways to donate:

First, you can donate a deer, or multiple deer. If you are blessed in your hunting efforts, deer can be donated to our program through participating processors and/or collection sites all across Virginia. These deer will be professionally processed and the venison distributed to local feeding programs in Virginia which, at no cost,** help men, women, and children who struggle with hunger!

Second, if you are able, you can contribute financially to help us cover the processing costs for donated deer. Financial contributions are a huge blessing to our feeding efforts. In 2003, legislation honoring our program’s founder David Horne was passed enabling hunters to voluntarily make a donation when they purchase their hunting licenses.

No financial donations are required to donate deer to our program; however, for every $1.00 hunters contribute, we are able to process and distribute more than 4 servings of venison to those in need as well as promote our hunting heritage in a positive way.

Since 1991, our program, through the generous support of many hunters and non-hunters working together, has been able to process and distribute over 6.9 million pounds of venison to feeding programs throughout our state. This volume of venison equates to over 27.7 million quarter pound servings!

For more information about our program, to learn how you can get involved, or to make a financial contribution please call 1-800-352-4868, visit www.h4hungry.org, or write us at P. O. Box 304, Big Island, VA 24526.

Please consider helping us to help those who hunger.

**If you are asked to pay any part of the processing fees for a donated deer please contact us. The only exception is Linthicum Slaughtering.