Hunters for the Hungry

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We hope you will consider helping to feed the hungry. Hunters for the Hungry encourages hunters to donate deer at participating locations. Funds are raised to cover the costs of professional processing then the venison is distributed through local feeding programs to people in need throughout Virginia. To date, 25.5 million servings of venison have been provided through the generosity of Virginia’s hunters!

To help the program be as cost-effective as possible, hunters are asked to donate mature, large-bodied deer. To thank hunters and encourage donations of deer, a free hunter incentive drawing is held. For each deer a hunter donates, they receive an entry into this 25 prize drawing! For a listing of participating locations and the prize list for the 2018/2019 drawing sponsored by Green Top Sporting Goods, please call 1-800-352-4868, visit www.h4hungry.org or write P.O. Box 304, Big Island, VA 24526.

Legislation was passed in 2003 in honor of the program’s founder, David Horne, which enables hunters to voluntarily make a donation when they purchase their hunting licenses. No financial donations are required to donate deer to the program. *If you are asked to pay any part of the processing fee on donated deer please contact us.

* The only two exceptions are Linthicum Slaughtering and Overstreet Foods.