Director’s Message

Hunting Regulations Icon Virginia Hunting

Another hunting and trapping season is just around the bend and I hope everyone is getting geared up for a great season in the woods, waters, and fields of Virginia. Hopefully your preparations include a close read of these annual regulations to make sure you are aware of any changes to your preferred seasons. This digest includes many regulation changes that were proposed by our staff and approved by the Board. But did you know that comments from our hunters and trappers, just like you, helped shaped every update you see here?

When we consider making regulation changes, the process takes about nine months to complete; we request comments from hunters, trappers, and other constituents at many different times. We offer multiple extended public comment periods plus three public Board meetings during those nine months so we can hear from you. Because this is so intensive, the process alternates annually with fisheries, which will begin their process this fall and finalize changes next spring. We will be seeking public comment throughout that process too. We want to hear from you about the regulations you like (or don’t like), so please check our website and other media sources or call a DGIF office near you to learn more about upcoming public comment opportunities on regulations and other DGIF efforts. Be safe and bring a friend!

Bob Duncan

Executive Director, VDGIF