A Special Message from the Commissioner

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Habitat protection and fishing opportunity have been intrinsically tied since the early days of conservation. In Vermont this year, we not only celebrated a study that showed our wild trout populations are as abundant as they were 50 years ago, we also saw the first person, Drew Price, to catch all 33 species of the Master Angler program after 8 years of angling effort. We also noted the 50th anniversary of Vermont’s Record Fish program, with records still being set in 2018.

These notable achievements could not have occurred without our staff’s commitment to the health of the waters that Vermont’s fish call home and to restoring fish populations, such as brook trout on the Nulhegan River and salmon in Lake Champlain. This work, in turn, is supported by conscientious anglers, whose license fees, boat registrations, habitat stamp purchases, and purchases of fishing equipment, underwrite much of the conservation work done in Vermont, and by landowners, who graciously partner with us in protecting habitat on their land.

Together we can ensure another half-century and more of good fishing and clean waters across Vermont.

Louis Porter, Commissioner, Vermont Fish & Wildlife

Vermont’s Online Fishing Regulations Tool

Our Online Fishing Regulations Tool
uses technology to make accessing regulation information quick and simple, whether you’re at home planning your next Vermont fishing trip or out
on the water!

Features of the Fishing Regulations Tool

Interactive Map System: Allows users to select any waterbody in the state and have instantaneous access to fishing regulations specific to that body
of water.

Current Location Feature: The map works in coordination with the Global Positioning System (GPS) in many mobile devices, allowing users to view fisheries regulations for their current location.

Lookup Tables: Allows users to view regulations by selecting a waterbody, town, or county from a comprehensive lookup list.

Regardless of the pathway, the final result is a simple and clear list of fisheries regulations for all of Vermont’s great fishing spots!

Visit www.vtfishandwildlife.com

to use the tool!