Personal Harvest of Wild Baitfish

Fishing Regulations Vermont Freshwater Fishing

I want to harvest and use my own wild caught baitfish. What do I need to know?

Why do I need a wild baitfish endorsement?

How do I get a wild baitfish endorsement?

  • Go to www.vtfishandwildlife.com/wild-baitfish to review the wild baitfish certification course materials and learn the rules and regulations regarding harvesting and moving personally harvested wild baitfish.
  • Successfully complete the wild baitfish certification quiz to be eligible to receive a
    wild baitfish endorsement.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed
    the certification, go online to
    www.vtfishandwildlife.com to update
    your fishing or combination license to
    include your wild baitfish endorsement.
    This endorsement is a free add-on that you must have on your license.
  • You’re now ready to personally harvest and use wild baitfish! Be sure to have your fishing or combination license with your wild baitfish endorsement with you while you harvest, transport, or use personally harvested wild caught baitfish and be sure to follow all other pertinent baitfish rules.