Commissioner’s Message

Fishing Regulations Vermont Freshwater Fishing

Vermont is home to incredible angling opportunities that Vermont Fish & Wildlife works hard to conserve and manage. Our diverse landscape and abundance of waters provides a wide range of thriving fisheries for all Vermonters to enjoy.

It’s clear that Vermonters love the outdoors. Vermont was the first state to protect the right to fish and hunt in our 1777 state constitution — a full 219 years before any other state provided the same constitutional rights.

In a recent USFWS national survey, Vermont ranked second in the country in fish and wildlife–related recreational participation, behind only Alaska. Sixty-two percent of Vermont residents spend time outdoors each year fishing, hunting, and taking part in other outdoor activities.

This year, I want to ask you, as active anglers, to help maintain this tradition. Please make an effort to introduce someone new to fishing. Show them how fishing is the perfect way to relax, unwind, and connect with friends and nature. Reach out to anglers who used to fish but haven’t in a while, take them fishing again, and help remind them how much fun it is.

Thanks, and I hope to see you on the water!

Louis Porter, Commissioner, Vermont Fish & Wildlife