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Master Angler Program – So Many Fish, So Little Time

13VTAB-eRegs-MasAng-1.jpgThe Vermont Master Angler Program is sparking interest and excitement in Vermont’s angling community by highlighting the state’s diversity of fish species and the unique and challenging angling opportunities available.

The program, started in 2010, recognizes the achievements of anglers who catch trophy-sized fish from Vermont waters and celebrates the fish’s accomplishment in surviving and growing to such a large size.

13VTAB-eRegs-MasAng-2.jpgThe Vermont Master Angler Program is a length-based program that sets “trophy sized” benchmarks for 33 eligible fish species. The program encourages anglers to target species that haven’t traditionally been considered sport fish. To do so, participants need to grow as anglers and improve their knowledge of fish habitat, behavior, and feeding preferences and develop new skills required to target and catch these species.

13VTAB-eRegs-MasAng-3.jpgThe program has really taken off with anglers from Vermont and around the country accepting the “challenge” and submitting entries. Here are the standings as of September 2012:

  • 421 participating anglers have submitted 1,329 trophy fish entries
  • 925 entries were from 292 adult anglers
    (29 Master Angler award recipients)
  • 404 entries were from 129 youth anglers
    (21 Master Angler award recipients)

Find the rules, qualifying species, application form, and annual reports online.

Regulations in red are new this year.

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