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Hunter Access Vermont


White-tailed deer browsing has profound implications for the structure and function of Vermont’s forested ecosystems.

Over browsing by white-tailed deer can alter forest plant communities, threaten endangered plant species, reduce ground-level hiding cover and forage for other wildlife species, and reduce abundance of nesting birds when deer densities are too high. Agricultural crops and residential ornamentals also can be impacted when there are too many deer.

Regulated hunting is a wildlife management tool that effectively controls deer densities. HUNTER ACCESS VERMONT is a website offering landowners and sportsmen a way to connect and develop a relationship to help manage deer densities, reduce property damage and improve habitat.

HUNTER ACCESS VERMONT maintains a database of private landowners and individuals seeking hunting access to private lands. The goal of the site is to match hunters with landowners seeking help in controlling deer damage.

HUNTER ACCESS VERMONT website also offers tips for hunters and landowners on building strong partnerships, options for managing access and a downloadable Courtesy Permission Card.

Visit the state website for more information and to register with HUNTER ACCESS VERMONT.



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