Sandhill Crane Regulations

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Be sure the bird you intend to shoot is a sandhill crane. Accidental or intentional shooting of a whooping crane is considered a dual violation and subject to state and federal laws. Don’t shoot unless you’re sure.

2019–20 Sandhill Crane Tag Drawings: Only individuals with a Tennessee Sandhill Crane Tag may hunt. Applicants must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to compete in the drawing. An Annual Hunting and Fishing License (Type 001), plus a Tennessee Waterfowl License (Type 005) or equivalent licenses (such as Lifetime or Annual Sportsman), are required in order to enter either drawing. Hunters receiving SE Crane Zone tags will not be eligible to apply for crane tags in the statewide draw. Tags are non-transferable.

SE Crane Zone Tags Hand-Held Draw: A total of 1,539 tags will be issued to 513 hunters (3 tags/ hunter) by handheld draw. Individuals must be present at the draw to obtain the tags. These tags will be valid ONLY in the SE Crane Zone. All leftover tags will be included in the statewide tag drawing (2 tags/hunter). Date: August 10, 2019 Location: Rhea County High School, 885 Eagle Lane, Evensville, TN 37332

Statewide Tags Computer Draw: Hunters can apply through any TWRA license agent or on the internet at www.GoOutdoorsTennessee.com from Sept. 4-25, 2019.

A total of 1,420 tags (2 tags/hunter), plus any tags not issued at the handheld drawing, will be issued for statewide use through a computerized draw. The application period for the statewide draw is Sep. 4-25. These tags will be valid statewide, including the SE Crane Zone.

Check out www.tnwildlife.org for updates and details about handheld and computer draws.

Sandhill Crane Identification Test: All sandhill crane hunters must pass an internet-based crane identification test each year before hunting. All tags issued are invalid until the “Sandhill Crane Test” validation code is written on the tag. The purpose of this test is to improve hunter’s awareness and ability to distinguish between sandhill cranes and other protected species which may be encountered while hunting. The test is available at https://twra.state.tn.us/SandhillCraneTest/.

Harvest Reporting: Each harvested crane must be accompanied by a completed kill tag (each tag allows harvest of 1 crane) and be checked in by the end of the calendar day of harvest by any Agency approved check-in method.

Also, hunters issued sandhill crane tags MUST fill out and return a post-season survey before February 10, 2020, regardless of whether they hunted or harvested a sandhill crane. Failure to return the post-season survey may result in hunters not being eligible to apply for a sandhill crane tag in future draws.

Federal Regulations: No shotguns larger than 10-gauge or capable of holding over 3 shot shells. Federally approved non-toxic shot is required.

If you have information regarding any illegal activities concerning protected species, please call the TWRA Poacher Hotline:

West TN (Region I)1-800-831-1173

Middle TN (Region II)1-800-255-8972

Cumberland Plateau (Region III)1-833-402-4699

East TN (Region IV)1-800-831-1174


Gray and white red patch on forehead. Long neck and legs.

Wingspan: 77″

Length: 46″

Juveniles: Brown and gray, lacks red on forehead.


Gray and white body and wings. Black head and neck with white chin strap.

Wingspan: 60″

Length: 45″


White, with black wing tips. Short neck.

Wingspan: 53″

Length: 28″


All-white plumage. Long neck.

Wingspan: 66″

Length: 52″

Juveniles: Gray-brown


All-white plumage. Long neck.

Wingspan: 80″

Length: 60″

Juveniles: Gray-brown


White body with black wing tips. Long neck. Long legs trailing body.

Wingspan: 87″

Length: 52″

Juveniles: White mixedwith brown


Gray and white plumage. “S” shaped neck.

Wingspan: 60″

Flies with neck folded inward and legs extended.