What’s New For 2019 – 2020

Hunting Regulations Icon Tennessee Hunting

There are several important changes for the 2019-20 hunting and trapping seasons.

  1. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was detected in Tennessee for the first time in December 2018 in Fayette, Hardeman, and Madison Counties. As a result a number of changes apply to southwestern TN counties.
    1. A new Deer hunting unit was established for management purposes called Unit CWD. The unit comprises of the three positive counties listed above and the high-risk CWD counties of Chester, Haywood, McNairy, Shelby and Tipton. High-risk counties are those which have had CWD detected within 10 miles of their border. (This affected area is subject to change)
    2. TWRA recommends deer harvested in Unit CWD be tested for the disease before they are consumed and to not eat deer testing positive. This follows Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.
    3. To help accomplish disease management goals, an Earn-A-Buck Program and Replacement Buck Program has been established for Unit CWD. See Unit CWD.
    4. To help prevent CWD from spreading, deer carcass exportation and wildlife feeding restrictions are in effect for Unit CWD. See Unit CWD.
    5. To support TWRA’s CWD monitoring efforts to better understand the distribution of the disease in TN, two mandatory physical check-in weekends have been set for Unit CWD counties, excluding Fayette and Hardeman Counties. See Unit CWD.
  2. New regulations on usage or possession of natural deer and elk urine lures while hunting. See No. 9 under Prohibited Acts on Manner & Means and Unit CWD.
  3. Duck season dates and bag limits have been updated. See Duck & Sandhill Crane Seasons & Bag Limits.
  4. Get the TWRA on the Go App, and report harvests with or without cell service. See Big Game Check-In Procedures.