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WMA Icon Key

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Wildlife Management Area (WMA) — Icon Key

12467.png Big Game

01-deer.psd Deer

02-spring_turkey.psd Spring Turkey

03-fall-turkey.psd Fall Turkey

04-bear.psd Bear

12532.png Elk


12552.png Small Game

06-spring_sqirrel.psd Spring Squirrel

07-squirrel.psd Squirrel

08-dove.psd Dove

09-rabbit.psd Rabbit

10-quail.psd Quail

11-grouse.psd Grouse

12-woodcock.psd Woodcock

13-snipe.psd Snipe

14-crow.psd Crow

17-waterfowl.psd Waterfowl

20-racoon.psd Raccoon

21-oppossum.psd Opossum

22-trapping.psd Trapping

18-coyote.psd Coyote

Other Icons

handicap_icon.psd Wheelchair

shooting.psd Shooting Range

23-dog_training.psd WMA Dog Training Season Year-round except as otherwise indicated.

Permit Key

BG Big Game quota permit or nonquota WMA annual permit.

SG Small Game WMA permit or combination waterfowl and small game WMA permit.

WF Combination waterfowl and small game WMA permit.

NP No permit required.


Using the Icons:

Icons indicate that a season is open. If an icon is listed in a WMA, that season is open with possible restrictions that will be listed. If there is no icon listed in the WMA, the season is closed.

If the Big Game and/or Small Game icon is listed, then all Big Game and/or Small Game species are open with the statewide season unless otherwise noted.

The top line of each WMA is a quick reference guide to see what species are open to hunting during the statewide season. Refer to WMA General Regulations.

The WMA summaries supply hunt dates, bag limits and special regulations. There are general regulations that may not be listed but apply to all WMAs. Read ALL regulations before visiting a WMA.

If there are special managed hunts or seasons, these will be listed separately underneath each WMA. Specific dates, bag limits, and or restrictions will be listed here.


Franklin County • 17,000 acres
Wayne Sanders
(931) 968-6215 • SG, BG

ATVs and other types of ORVs are prohibited unless otherwise specified. ATVs may be used only on existing roads and only to retrieve harvested deer. No camping or fires permitted. Bear Hollow, Poplar Springs, Cave Springs, Keith Springs and Rock House Roads will be open for scouting on Aug. 22. During daylight hours, all users outside of an enclosed vehicle or out of camp must wear fluorescent orange during the deer gun and muzzleloader seasons. Horseback riders must stay on the designated trail and park their vehicles in designated parking areas at all times. No tying horses to trees during rides. Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

12419.png 12428.png 22-trapping.tif 23-dog_training.tif

Same as statewide seasons except as noted. Only one antlerless deer per day. All treestands must be marked with hunter’s TWRA ID number.


Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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