South Dakota Waterfowl Hunting

Season / Zone Dates Notes
Ducks, Coots & Mergansers
High Plains
Oct 10 – Jan 14 West of a line beginning at the SD-ND state line and extending south along US 83 to US 14, east to Blunt, south on the Blunt-Canning Road to SD Hwy 34, east and south to SD Hwy 50 at Lee’s Corner, south to I-90, east to SD Hwy 50, south to SD Hwy 44, west across the Platte-Winner Bridge to SD Hwy 47, south to US 18, east to SD Hwy 47, south to the SD-NE state line
Ducks, Coots & Mergansers
Low Plains – North
Sep 26 – Dec 8 East of the High Plains Zone and north of a line beginning at the junction of US Hwy 83 and US Hwy 212, then east to the SD-MN state line
Ducks, Coots & Mergansers
Low Plains – Middle
The area east of the High Plains Zone, south of the Low Plains North Zone and north of the Low Plains South Zone
Ducks, Coots & Mergansers
Low Plains – South
Oct 10 – Dec 22 Area within a line beginning at the junction of SD Hwy 47 and the SD-NE state line, then north on SD Hwy 47 to SD Hwy 44, then east on SD Hwy 44 to SD Hwy 50, then south to CFAS 6198 (Geddes Hwy) at Geddes, then east on the Geddes Hwy to US Hwy 281, then south to SD Hwy 50, then east to I-29, then south to the SD-IA state line.
August Canada Goose Aug 15 – Aug 31 Residents only
Canada Geese
Unit 1
Sep 1 – Dec 16 The counties of Aurora, Beadle, Brookings, Brown, Butte, Campbell, Clark, Clay, Codington, Corson, Davison, Day, Deuel, Douglas, Edmunds, Faulk, Grant, Haakon, Hamlin, Hand, Hanson, Harding, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jerauld, Jones, Kingsbury, Lake, Lawrence, Lincoln, McCook, McPherson, Marshall, Meade, Mellette, Minnehaha, Moody, Miner, Roberts, Sanborn, Shannon, Spink, Todd, Turner, Union, Walworth, Yankton, and Ziebach, that portion of Dewey County north of Bureau of Indian Affairs Road 8 (BIA-8), BIA-9, and the section of US-212 east of the BIA-8 junction, that portion of Potter County east of US-83, that portion of Sully County east of US-83, portions of Hyde, Buffalo, Brule, Charles Mix, and Bon Homme counties north and east of a line beginning at the Hughes-Hyde county line on SD-34, east to Lees Boulevard, southeast to SD-34, east 7 miles to 350th Avenue, south to I-90 on 350th Avenue, south and east on SD-50 to Geddes, east on 285th Street to US-281, north on US-281 to the Charles Mix-Douglas county boundary, that portion of Bon Homme County north of SD-50, and that portion of Perkins county west of SD-75 and south of SD-20.
Canada Geese
Unit 2
Nov 2 – Feb 14 Those areas not in Unit 1 or Unit 3
Canada Geese
Unit 3
Jan 9 – Jan 17 Bennett County
White-fronted Geese Sep 26 – Dec 20
Light Geese Sep 26 – Dec 20 Includes snow, blue, Ross’s and all other geese except Canada, brant and white-fronted geese
Light Goose Conservation Order Feb 15 – May 3
Tundra Swans Oct 1 – Dec 18
Youth Days Sep 19 – Sep 20 Open to licensed hunters ages 12-15 accompanied by a licensed adult. Resident youth ages 10-15 may participate if they are part of the Mentored Hunt program. Possession limit is twice the daily limit. For Canada Geese, the daily limit is 15 in Unit 1, and 4 in the rest of the state.

Additional Information

Bag Limit Species / Season Daily Limit
Possession limit: 3 times daily bag limit
Duck 6, including no more than:

  • 5 mallards (max. 2 female)
  • 3 scaup
  • 3 wood ducks
  • 2 redheads
  • 2 pintails
  • 2 canvasback
Coot 15
Merganser 5, including no more than 2 hooded mergansers
August Canada Goose 15
Canada Goose
Unit 1 – September
Canada Goose
Unit 1 – Regular
Canada Goose
Units 2 & 3
White-fronted Goose 4
Light Goose
50, no possession limit
Light Goose
No bag or possession limits
Youth Same as regular duck season, except possession limit is twice the daily limit
Hunting Times Area Times
Statewide 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Arms & Ammo Type Details
Shotgun 10 gauge or smaller, incapable of holding more than three shells
Shot Must be non-toxic