Wildlife Management Areas

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WMA Program

Through the cooperative effort of private landowners, the U. S. Forest Service and the SCDNR, Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are provided for the enjoyment of all wildlife enthusiasts. Funds generated from the sale of WMA permits enable the SCDNR to lease approximately 1.1 million acres of land for wildlife conservation and management.

Heritage Preserves are properties acquired by the SCDNR for the primary purpose of protecting habitat for rare and endangered species. Some heritage preserves offer game hunting opportunities and are included in the WMA Program. All persons using WMA lands are reminded that only US Forest Service lands and those areas marked by WMA signs are open to the public. Lands not posted with these signs are the property of private individuals, and landowner permission must be obtained.

General locations of the areas described below are shown on the map on Type of WMA Properties. For detailed maps showing these and other WMA lands, write WMA MAPS, SCDNR, P.O. Box 167, Columbia, SC, 29202, call 803-734-3886 or visit www.dnr.sc.gov/wma/maps.html. Reference map # from chart below.

WMA properties should be marked with these yellow and black signs.

Thanks to Landowners

Landowners providing their land for public hunting and recreation are due much appreciation from the SCDNR and all outdoor enthusiasts. Without these lands, public hunting as provided in this state would be impossible. Sportsmen seeing the yellow and black diamond-shaped signs designating WMA boundaries should remember they are hunting as guests of the landowner and be respectful of this privilege.

US Forest Service632,177

SC Department of Natural Resources234,676

SC Forestry Commission90,296

SC Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper)24,949

Clemson University11,265

Department of Energy10,470

American Forest Management17,417


Corps of Engineers (Thurmond Res.)6,506

SC Electric & Gas Company5,187

Timber-Lands L.P. 1,044

Plum Creek Marketing, Inc.4,808

Catch Mark Timber3,245

TIAA Timberlands II (Hancock Forest Mgmt.)4,682

American Timberland II (RMK)2,751

Georgia Power Company2,814

George Family4,753

SC Dept. of Commerce1,675

SC Public Ser. Auth. (Pee Dee)2,755

Corps of Engineers (Canal)2,465

Knightwood (Hancock Forest Mgmt.)476

Springland, Inc1,856

Duke Energy Progress1,036

SC Conf. Bd. Of Camps & Retreats1,060

Duke Energy Carolinas7,443

York County1,643

Jordan Properties2,365

Duke Energy (ROWs)1,200

Thomas Heirs LLC594


City of Walhalla439

City of Clinton276

Brown Family Partnership205

Commission of Public Works (Greer)100

William & Joab Lesesne92

Vandiviere Properties LLC655

John and Irene Blackmon1,587

Blue Heron Timber LLC594

Naturaland Trust2,253

The Conservation Fund3,101

TOTAL ACRES1,099,420