What’s New for 2018–2019

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What’s New—Hunting


Waterfowl Hunting Season on Lake Blalock

Sponsor: Sen. Reese

Act 190

Effective 5/15/18

This law provides that waterfowl hunting will continue to be allowed on Lake Blalock during lawful times and seasons through the 2023-2024 waterfowl season.


Youth Hunting Days

Sponsor: Sen. Campsen

Act 200

Effective 5/17/18

This law amended the youth hunting day provisions such that youth hunters who have completed the hunter education program are no longer required to be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age on scheduled youth hunting days. The law removes tagging requirements on youth hunt days for species that require tags. The law also specifies that youth deer hunting days on private land will be the Saturday before the regular Game Zone deer season framework for hunting antlered deer only with a bag limit of one antlered deer.

H. 4807

Turkey Hunting Seasons and Bag Limit

Sponsors: Rep. Hixon, Rep. Hiott, Rep. Kirby and Rep. Yow

Act 227

Effective 5/18/18

This law extends the current turkey hunting seasons and bag limit another year, after which it will sunset on July 1, 2019. After that date the Department will make recommendations to the legislature regarding turkey seasons and bag limits.

What’s New – Freshwater Fishing

H. 1044

Catch and Release zone for trout on portions of the Saluda River

Sponsor: Rep. Shealy

Act 207

Effective 07/01/18

This law designates a “catch and release” zone for trout on the lower reach of the Saluda River from the eastbound I-20 bridge downstream to Stacey’s Ledge. It is unlawful to take and retain trout in this zone. Any trout taken in this zone must be released back into the river.

H. 3698

Striper Size and Catch Limits on the Santee River System

Sponsors: Rep. V.S. Moss, Rep. Duckworth, Rep. Forrest, Rep. Hiott and Rep. Hixon

Act 164

Effective 05/03/18

This law was changed to provide that in the Santee River system from October first through June fifteenth, it is unlawful to take or possess a striped bass less than twenty-three inches or greater than twenty-five inches, provided that one striped bass taken or possessed may be greater than twenty-six inches.

The new law also extends the season for taking and possessing striped bass to June 15th in certain bodies of water (See Freshwater Fish Size & Possession Limits for the listing of water bodies and seasons)

What’s New – Saltwater Fishing

S. 933

Red Drum Catch Limits

Sponsor: Sen. Campsen

Act 203

Effective 07/01/18

This law changes existing red drum catch limits. The new catch limits for red drum are two per person per day, not to exceed more than six per boat per day.

SCDNR Diversity Outreach Program

The SCDNR Diversity Outreach Program seeks to increase outdoor recreational opportunities for everyone in South Carolina through programs geared toward the Hispanic and African American communities across the state. Our work involves educational initiatives that will enable all of South Carolina’s residents and visitors to fully enjoy and appreciate the outdoors in a safe and responsible way.

We offer a variety of FREE programs throughout the year such as Nature hikes, Fishing Clinics and much more. Contact us for additional information about our programs and the natural resources of the state. Send an e-mail to informacion@dnr.sc.gov or call us at 803-734-3729.