What’s New For 2018-2019

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Significant Regulation Changes & Highlights 2018-2019

  1. Hunting licenses, permits and tags are now available online, or at license vendors.
  2. Harvest reports for deer and turkey are now to be completed online (except the first four (4) days of the muzzleloader deer season when all deer must be taken to a state operated check station).
  3. Tiverton Rod and Gun Club will no longer be a deer check station during the first four (4) days of the muzzleloader deer season.
  4. The use and/or possession of deer scents/lures that contain natural cervid (including deer, moose or elk) urine, gland oil, feces, tissue, blood or any other bodily fluids while taking, attempting to take, attracting or scouting wildlife is prohibited.
  5. All turkeys must be reported using the online system by midnight on the day of the kill.
  6. The Canada goose regular season has been reduced to 60 days and the daily bag limit has been reduced to two (2).
  7. Waterfowl hunters must possess the Rhode Island Waterfowl Stamp certification purchased through the new online system, or a physical Rhode Island Waterfowl Stamp, which must be signed across the face to be valid.
  8. Successful completion of a bow hunter education course is required for anyone using archery equipment to hunt any species for which archery is a permitted method of take.
  9. Pheasants no longer have to be tagged. All pheasant hunters must purchase and possess a Game Bird Permit and comply with the daily bag limit of 2 pheasants per person.
  10. The bag limit for the spring Wild Turkey season has been increased to two (2) bearded birds, only one of which may be taken on state land.
  11. Treestands may not be installed on state-owned and co-op properties prior to August 15th and must be removed prior to February 15th annually.
  12. The use of drones or other remotely operated unmanned aircraft systems and devices to drive or disturb wildlife or aid in the take of wildlife for the purpose of hunting is prohibited.