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On behalf of Governor Gina Raimondo, I am excited to release the sixth annual Rhode Island Hunting and Trapping Regulation Guide for Rhode Islanders and visitors who enjoy wildlife and the great outdoors. We hope its information about the ins and outs of harvesting game animals will help novice and seasoned hunters alike.

Rhode Island is home to a myriad of natural habitats. From coastal shrublands to forestland to grasslands that sway in the breeze, opportunities for hunting and trapping abound. Investing in land and wildlife conservation remains an important focus of the Department of Environmental Management (DEM). Through contributions from Rhode Island hunters, we’ve protected nearly 600 acres in the last six years to enhance opportunities for hunting and trapping, bringing the total purchased to date with your support to more than 16,000 acres. This adds significantly to the 55,000 acres already managed by our Division of Fish and Wildlife. Among the new public lands open to hunting is the 58-acre Allen property that has been incorporated into the state’s Rockville Management Area.
Hunting has a long tradition in Rhode Island, supporting family customs, connecting people with nature, and attracting tourism to the state. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, consumer spending on hunting expands the state economy by $18 million annually. Spending on wildlife watching contributes another $200 million. With our new electronic registration system, residents and non-resident customers are now able to purchase hunting licenses, permits, and tags and report their harvests online. Visit https://www.ri.gov/DEM/huntfish to learn more!
I hope this guide, funded through your contributions to the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (Pittman-Robertson Act), enhances your hunting experiences, while encouraging you to be respectful of the environment and fellow hunters. Enjoy the excitement of the outdoors in beautiful Rhode Island and the tranquility and connection to nature that hunting brings. And thank you for being part of conservation efforts that will provide benefits for generations to come!

Janet Coit


Chief’s Message:

Welcome to the hunting abstract for the State of Rhode Island. You will find all the information that you need to help guide you through the hunting season and beyond. Rhode Island has so much to offer for hunting enthusiasts, from white-tailed deer hunting, terrific waterfowl hunting, stocked pheasant and small game hunting. All of these are contained in a state that is small and easy to travel, with state and private properties that will remind you of the woods of our northern states.

In addition to hunting opportunities, take advantage of the state-of-the-art outdoor shooting range at the Great Swamp facility, hunter education courses that include how to prepare your harvested game and many other programs created to help you be an ethical and well-practiced hunter. The Division of Fish and Wildlife have a staff of tireless personnel that work to provide all hunters with the best possible outdoor experience that we can offer.
The Environmental Police work hand in hand with all divisions of the natural resource bureau to insure the protection of our natural resources. Our mission in to protect all the assets of Rhode Island through conservation law enforcement and education. Our officers are highly educated and trained to provide a vast knowledge of the lands that we patrol and the game species that inhabit them. Officers have a tremendous variety of tools at their disposal and work to insure the protection of wildlife and it’s habitat for future generations.
As Chief, I welcome you to Rhode Island and hope your hunting and outdoors experience are safe and enjoyable. Get out and enjoy all that Rhode Island has to offer.


Dean Hoxsie, Chief

RI DEM Division of Law Enforcement