General Information

Fishing Regulations Rhode Island Freshwater Fishing

Prohibited Activities:

  1. Fishing in any freshwater stream or pond within this state without a valid fishing license (except as noted on License Information).
  2. Fishing in any stream, designated trout stream or designated trout pond of the state, unless otherwise regulated, between 11:59PM on last day of February to 6AM on the second Saturday of April, annually.
  3. Possessing trout, salmon, or charr during the seasonal closure.
  4. Using corn for bait in any designated trout waters.
  5. Chumming in any designated trout waters.
  6. Snagging fish in any fresh waters.
  7. Using any substance injurious to fish life in any stream or freshwater pond within the state except by permit issued by the DEM.
  8. Detonating any explosive within any stream or freshwater pond within the state.
  9. Selling trout, largemouth or smallmouth bass, pickerel, northern pike, Atlantic salmon, American shad, or yellow perch taken from any freshwater stream, river, or pond within the state.
  10. Stocking any freshwater stream or pond, public or private, within the state with ANY species of fish without having first obtained a permit from the DEM. For more information, call (401) 789-0281.
  11. Releasing any live bait into the freshwaters of the state.
  12. The use as bait of any variety of gold fish (Carassius auratus) in the fresh waters of the State.
  13. The importation, sale, or possession of any variety of non-native fish, including, but not limited to goldfish (Carassius auratus), green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus), or fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) for use as bait in the fresh waters in the State.
  14. Selling any live freshwater minnows for bait or possessing more than one hundred (100) live freshwater minnows without first having procured the appropriate license from the DEM.
  15. Tagging, branding, marking, or otherwise willfully mutilating any fish which is to be released alive into any freshwaters of the state except by special permit issued by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.
  16. It is prohibited that any person use foot gear with external felt soles or other natural or synthetic porous material capable of absorbing liquid that is attached to the soles of wading foot gear in any freshwaters of the state. This shall include any waters shared with adjacent states in which any RI Fishing regulations apply.

GO FOR THE GOLD and Get a Golden Pin!

Are you up for the challenge because the rules have changed!

The golden rainbow trout will be stocked on opening day this year and will be stocked in more ponds across Rhode Island! Therefore, our golden trout pin contest will be limited to the first two weeks after opening day!

From April 13, 2019 – April 29, 2019, if you catch a golden rainbow trout, you will be eligible to receive the coveted golden trout pin. Simply take a picture and send it to fishRI@dem.ri.gov. Remember, submissions need to be received no later that April 29th to be eligible for the pin. Please refer to Division of Fish & Wildlife for full contest rules.

Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Areas in Rhode Island

Carbuncle Pond – Coventry

Gorton Pond – Warwick

Lower Shannock Brook – Richmond

Silver Spring Lake – North Kingstown

Upper Roaring Brook – Exeter

Westerly Boat Ramp – Westerly

Olney Pond – Lincoln


Scott Evans Memorial Pond
(Biscuit City) – South Kingstown