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The 2014 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Guide is now available!
To view the new guide, please download the pdf. Check back in the coming days as we work to put up the new 2014 website.

Below is content from the 2013 guide.

State Records

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Rhode Island State Records for Saltwater Species







Black Sea Bass

8 lbs., 7.25 oz.


Oct. 1981

Block Island

K. McDuffie

Pascoag, RI

Striped Bass

77 lbs. 6.4 oz.


June 2011

Block Island

P. Vican

East Greenwich, RI


26 lbs.


Aug. 1981

D. Deziel

Woonsocket, RI


13 lbs.

Oct. 1995


R. Gliottone

Exeter, RI


71 lbs.

June 1965

M. Deciantis

Warwick, RI

Summer Flounder

17 lbs., 8 oz.


Narrow River

G. Farmer

Warwick, RI

Winter Flounder

6 lbs., 7 oz.


Aug. 1990


A. Pearson

Cranston, RI

King Mackerel

12 lbs., 3 oz.


Aug. 2000

Pt. Judith Lighthouse

A. Camilleri

Chester, CT

Atlantic Mackerel



28 lbs., 8 oz.

May 1995

A. Jacobs

Lincoln, RI


5 lbs.

20 ¼”

Oct. 1990

Block Island

J. Yurwitz

Block Island, RI

American Shad

6 lbs., 8 oz.


Apr. 1985

Runnins River

W. Socha

Warren, RI

Hickory Shad

2 lbs., 11 oz.


Nov. 1989

Narrow River

M. Pickering

Lincoln, RI

Blue Shark

431 lbs., 2 oz.


Nov. 2006

Cox Ledge

G. Kross

Fairfield, N.J

Mako Shark

718 lbs.

10′ 6″

June 1993

S. Block Island

W. Alessi

Boston, MA


314 lbs.

June 1964

W. Goodwin

Warwick, RI


16 lbs.
8.72 oz.


May 2007

Greenwich Bay

R. Moeller

North Kingstown, RI


21 lbs., 4 oz.

Nov. 1954


C.W. Sunquist

Bluefin Tuna

1142 lbs.,
12 oz.

Sept. 1981

Block Island

J. Dempsey

Yellowfin Tuna

265 lbs.


Oct. 1997

The Dip

R. Hughes

Arlington, MA

Tiger Shark

597 lbs.

11′ 6″

July 1990

S. of Block Island

M.P. Strout

Auburn, MA

White Marlin

125 lbs.

8′ ½”

Aug. 1987

S. of Block Island

J. Luty, Sr.

Preston, CT

If you believe you’ve caught a new Rhode Island State Record, bring it to an official weigh-in station to be weighed and measured using a digital scale. State record catches are determined annually once all data are received for that year. A list of official weigh-in stations can be found on Fish & Wildlife’s Webpage at

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