Prohibited Activities

Hunting Regulations Icon Rhode Island Hunting

  • No loaded rifles or shotguns in or on vehicles (RIGL 20-13-8).
  • No shooting at, hunting, or pursuing game along, upon, or across a public highway (RIGL 20-13-9).
  • It is a violation of law, punishable by a fine and imprisonment, to fire “into” land for which one does not have landowner permission.
  • No hunting on posted land without landowner permission or state parks, with the exception of undeveloped state parks as denoted in the regulations, removing or defacing posters thereon, or doing willful damage to property (RIGL 11-44-4,5).
  • No more than five (5) persons to hunt in unison (RIGL 20-13-11).
  • Target or trap shooting on state lands is only allowed on provided ranges (RIGL 32-2-4).
  • No hunting while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (RIGL 20-13-10).
  • Spotlighting for wild animals and birds is prohibited (statewide and islands) between September 15 – February 28 (RIHR 9.7.2.F).
  • Shooting at any animal at anytime while such animal is on a telephone or electric line, pole, or tower or any communication device (RIHR 9.17.H).
  • The importation, exportation, possession, liberation, or sale of any mute swan and/or eggs thereof, or live pen-reared or hybrid wild turkey and/or eggs thereof (RIHR 9.17.B).
  • Importing of live birds or animals without permit (RIGL 20-17-9).
  • Taking of birds by any method other than shotgun, bow and arrow, or falconry without permit (RIGL 20-14-7).
  • The sale of game, except as provided (RIGL 20-13-14).
  • Feeding and baiting wildlife in the state of Rhode Island is not permitted at any time for any purposes except as defined in RIHR 9.17.J.