Reservation and Permit Application

Oregon Bird Hunting

How the Controlled Hunt Drawing Works for Game Birds

The computer assigns each application a 10-digit number. A 10-digit number is picked at random for each hunt series. Those random starting numbers are used by the computer to select successful applicants.

Hunting parties are maintained by the computer and only the party leader’s 10-digit number is used in the drawing.

Tags/Permits/Reservations are awarded beginning with the applicant whose 10-digit number matches (or is closest to and above) the start number.

The selection continues with the applicant having the next higher number and continues until all available Tags/Permits/Reservations are awarded.

Tags/Permits/Reservations are assigned to first choice applicants as above until all tags are assigned or all first choices are filled. Tags/Permits/Reservations are only assigned to second choice applicants after all first choices have been filled. This sequence is followed for 3rd, 4th and 5th choices.

To Apply in Person

  1. Visit any license agent.
  2. Use the application at www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/licenses_reg/regulations to assist you with the application process. If you fill it out ahead of time and take it to the license agent, it will reduce errors and the amount of time spent at the outlet.
  3. You must have a valid hunting license to apply, or purchase at the time of application. Nonresidents: A 3-Day Nonresident Hunting License is NOT valid to apply for controlled bird hunts. To apply for controlled bird hunts, a regular nonresident hunting license is required.
  4. Parties must assign ONE person as the Party Leader. Each party member, except the assigned party leader, must enter the party leader’s HUNTER/ANGLER ID NUMBER on his/her application. It is the party leader’s hunter/angler ID number that ties the party together. All members of a party must apply, including the party leader.
  5. Verify that all information entered is what you requested before the transaction is completed. No tags will be issued because of agent error. It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure accuracy of applications and tags. The license agent will give you an application receipt showing your hunt choices. You should check it for accuracy prior to leaving the store and keep it for proof of application.

To Order a License and Apply by Mail or Fax

(www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/licenses_reg/regulations or call 503-947-6001 for application)

  1. Mark box indicating resident or nonresident. Write in Driver’s License number and state, or Nondriver’s ID Card number. If you are an Oregon resident, read and sign in the Oregon Resident box.
  2. Write in Social Security number. This is required by law (ORS. 25.752 to 25.783). No license, application, tag, permit, or reservation will be issued if this number is not provided.
  3. Print name, mailing address, telephone number, date of birth and gender.
  4. If you have already purchased your license, write the hunter/angler ID number in the space provided.
  5. Mark boxes for any documents you are requesting (hunting license, upland and/or waterfowl validation, HIP validation, etc.). NOTE: Depending on species, you must have a federal waterfowl stamp and/or state game bird validations to hunt in addition to a license. Write dollar amount for each item requested and the total amount of your order.
  6. Mark payment method. If using MasterCard or VISA, list number, expiration date and sign for charge authorization.

Reservation/Permit Application by Mail or Fax

  1. Complete steps 1-6 from previous section.
  2. Enter at least one complete hunt number choice (3-digit minimum). You may enter up to four alternate hunt choices. All choices must be for the correct hunt number series.
  3. Parties must assign ONE person as the Party Leader. Each party member, except the assigned party leader, must enter the party leader’s HUNTER/ANGLER ID NUMBER on his/her mail order application. It is the party leader’s number that ties the party together. All members of a party must apply, including the party leader.
  4. If the party leader’s HUNTER/ANGLER ID NUMBER is not available at the time of mailing, write in his/her name and date of birth. If possible, please mail all party member applications together in one envelope.

Party Size (Includes Party Leader)

  1. *Fern Ridge WA – 1 (no parties)
  2. Sauvie Island WA – 4
  3. Klamath WA – 4
  4. Sage-grouse – 4
  5. Fall Turkey – 4

The party leader’s hunt choices will be used for the entire party. All members must list the same choices as the party leader on their individual application. If successful, all party members will receive the same hunt choice as the party leader.

* Fern Ridge successful applicants will receive a permit valid for self and one guest.

Disqualified Applicants

Applicants will not be entered into the
drawing if:

  1. Mail order applications are received after the deadline.
  2. Application procedures outlined in these regulations are not followed.
  3. Adults submit applications for Youth Hunt Days.

Purchasing Controlled Hunt Tags/Reservations/Permits by Mail or Fax

  1. Hunters should first call the Controlled Hunt Information Line to verify if they are successful.
  2. Allow as much time as possible before the season opens to complete this transaction.
  3. Make a photocopy of your receipt or write your full name, hunter/angler ID number and the permit/reservation to be purchased on a piece of paper.
  4. Include a check; money order; Visa or MasterCard number for the reservation/permit fee amount payable to ODFW. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.
  5. You may also Fax payment by using
    a credit card to 503-947-6117. Include the information required in step #3 as well as your credit card number, current expiration date, CVC# and signature authorizing charge.

Mail to: ODFW – License Services
4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, OR 97302

Fax to: 503-947-6117

Controlled Hunt Information Line

503-947-6102 or 1-800-708-1782



Results Available

Check our website at www.odfw.com, call the Controlled Hunt Information Line, or return to any license agent for an on-line computer inquiry about your success status. Results will NOT be mailed.

If Successful

Permits/Reservations/Tags must be purchased from any license agent or by mail or fax at any time through the last day of the season for each species or as otherwise specified.

NOTE: Licenses, tags, reservations and permits cannot be purchased at most WAs.