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Select Groundfish Species

Fishing Regulations Icon Oregon Fishing

Prohibited (No harvest at any time)

Yelloweye Rockfish

  • Solid yellow eye
  • Rounded tail fin, often lined in black
  • Juveniles have white lines on side
  • Ocean species

Copper Rockfish

  • Large dorsal spines with membrane not deeply notched
  • Distinct face stripes
  • Ocean and estuary species

China Rockfish

  • Distinct yellow band across body
  • Yellow speckles on black body
  • Ocean species

Quillback Rockfish

  • Large dorsal spines with deep notch
  • “Freckles” on face/head
  • Yellowish blotch on back
  • Ocean and estuary species

Reduced Take
(Sub-bag limits; check for seasonal closures)

Canary Rockfish

  • Grey, “chalky” lateral line
  • Thin eye band
  • Notched tail fin
  • Ocean species


  • Large head and pectoral fins
  • Scale-less body
  • 16 inch minimum size
  • Ocean and estuary species

Blue Rockfish (Solid Blue)

  • Small mouth (jaw not past mid-eye)
  • No spots on dorsal fin
  • Hump between eyes
  • Ocean and estuary species

Blue Rockfish (Blotched Blue)

  • Small mouth (jaw not past mid-eye)
  • No spots on dorsal fin
  • Distinct face stripes
  • Ocean and estuary species

Most Frequently Encountered (Check for seasonal closures)

Black Rockfish

  • Spots on dorsal fin
  • Large mouth (jaw past mid-eye)
  • Ocean and estuary species

Yellowtail Rockfish

  • Yellow fins
  • More elongated than other rockfish
  • Ocean species


  • Large mouth with sharp teeth
  • Elongated body
  • 22 inch minimum size
  • Ocean and estuary species

Kelp Greenling

  • Very small mouth
  • Males may have blue spots
  • 10 inch minimum size
  • Ocean and estuary species