What’s New for 2020

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Changes or additions are highlighted in yellow throughout the document

Due to an effort to improve Oregon’s big game hunting seasons, there are numerous changes for 2020.

  • Many controlled hunts have been consolidated into larger areas and/or have longer time periods.
  • Boundaries of many controlled hunts were expanded or made simpler.
  • In western Oregon spike deer are now included in buck hunt bag limit and removed from the 600 Series “Antlerless Deer” bag limit.
  • New “West Cascade” General Elk Season; units east of the Cascade Mountain crest are now in controlled hunts.
  • No Rocky Mountain Elk General 1st season, the area is now in controlled hunts.
  • New General Antlerless Elk Damage Season on private land in chronic agriculture damage areas.
  • Consistent statewide spring and fall bear season dates.
  • Additional fall bear tag expanded from SW Oregon to statewide.
  • Hunts previously listed as “Centerfire” are now listed as “Any Legal Weapon” to ensure hunters are aware that any legal rifle, shotgun, bow, muzzleloader, or handgun is allowed.
  • It is illegal to use or possess “commercial cervid attractants”, see Definitions.
  • Leftover Tags are no longer available as an additional tag.