License Requirements

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All Hunters

  • Must have a valid hunting license.
  • Hunting licenses are valid through December 31 of each year.
  • No one may possess more than one valid annual hunting license.
  • Any hunter with a valid Oregon or Idaho hunting license may hunt in the waters or on the islands of the Snake Rvr, where the river forms the boundary between the two states. All laws and rules of the respective states apply.
  • To hunt big game you must have in possession a big game tag valid for the dates, area, and species being hunted.
  • Certain licensing exceptions apply to youth, active duty military, veterans, and landowners.
  • Any documents in possession, either electronic or in hard copy, must be accessible immediately upon request by Department staff or law enforcement.

Oregon Residency Requirements

  • To qualify as an Oregon resident, you must reside in Oregon for at least six consecutive months (excluding temporary absence) immediately prior to applying for a license, tag, or permit. See Definitions.
  • Submitting a false application is a crime.