New Electronic Licensing System for 2019

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Download the MyODFW app now!

ODFW is excited to provide a new modernized licensing system for 2019! Anglers and hunters can now choose one of three ways to get their license and tag:

  • Buy online at MyODFW.com. Your license and tags will be stored electronically on your smartphone.
  • Buy online and print on regular paper at home.
  • Buy from a license sales agent and let them print your documents on regular paper.

Anglers who choose electronic documents can tag their salmon, steelhead, sturgeon or halibut directly on the MyODFW app. The app will displays licenses and tags and allows users to record harvest even when offline/out of cell range.

Anglers who choose paper documents will need to take steps to protect these documents. We recommend that anglers keep documents in a plastic or waterproof bag to protect them from the elements. (Water resistant paper is also available at major office supply stores.)

To get started, some customers will need to verify that their account is in the new system. Those who purchased an annual hunting or fishing license in 2016, 2017, or 2018, have hunting preference points, or have certifications such as a Pioneer status or an Oregon Disabilities Permit, should be included in the new system

To verify your account you can go online to MyODFW.com, use the MyODFW app, or go to a license sales agent. Provide your last name and one of following:

  1. Hunter/Angler ID# (now known as the ODFW ID)
  2. Phone number associated with account
  3. Email associated with account.

Customers who have not purchased an annual license since 2016, do not have preference points, or other certifications can open a new account by choosing the “I am a new customer” button. You will need your own unique email address (not shared by anyone else with a MyODFW account) to make a purchase in the new system.

If you need assistance, email ODFW at odfw.info@state.or.us, call 503-947-6101, or ask a license sales agent. Find out more at MyODFW.com (search for the ELS FAQ).