Hook & Weight Regulations

Fishing Regulations Icon Oregon Fishing

No more than three hooks may be used when angling, except herring jigs may be used for marine food fish species (see General Statewide Regulations).

  • A double or treble point hook is classified as one hook.
  • When angling with two rods (where allowed and with a Two-Rod Validation), the general hook rule applies to each rod.

Barbless hooks are required when angling for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon or trout in certain waterbodies, please check zone regulations and exceptions prior to fishing. Barbless hooks are advised for fisheries where the catch-and-release of fish is anticipated.

For Salmon, Steelhead, Halibut and Sturgeon

  • Pacific halibut — no more than two hooks may be used.
  • Sturgeon — no more than one single point barbless hook may be used.
  • Ocean salmon — no more than two single point barbless hooks when angling for salmon in the ocean, or when angling for other ocean species with salmon or steelhead onboard.
  • Salmon/Steelhead (except ocean)
    • Single-point hooks larger than 1-inch gap and multiple point hooks larger than 9/16 inch gap are prohibited.
    • All weight, if not part of conventional lure, must be attached on the fishing line between the lure and the end of the rod.
    • With hooks larger than 5/8 inch gap or multiple point hook, weight must be attached 18 inches or more above the uppermost hook.