Exceptions to Snake River Zone Regulations

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Brownlee Reservoir

  • 12 inch minimum length on bass.
  • An Oregon angling license is required on the Powder River Arm from the mouth up to the Huntington – Richland Rd Bridge.
  • Brownlee Reservoir ends at the downstream point of Porter Island.

Hells Canyon Reservoir

  • 3 hatchery trout over 20 inches may be harvested per day.
  • 12 inch minimum length limit on bass.

Oxbow Reservoir

  • 2 bass per day.
  • No harvest of bass between 12 and 16 inches.

Snake River

State Line to Hells Canyon Dam

  • Open for hatchery steelhead Jan 1 – Apr 30 and Sep 1 – Dec 31.
  • Wild trout must be released.
  • No size limits on bass.
  • Closed from Hells Canyon Dam downstream 400 ft to cable crossing.


All trout, salmon and steelhead that are released must be unharmed and should not be removed from the water.