Western Oregon Unit Map

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Map is only a guide. 

Map Availability

ODFW produced a statewide map showing wildlife management units. The map is available for sale at ODFW Salem and regional offices and some sporting goods stores. To order the statewide map showing all wildlife management units, including land ownership, please call 1-800-845-9448. MasterCard and VISA only.

Hunters successful in the controlled hunt drawing, for a hunt for which a map is provided, will be mailed a map prior to the hunt. The department is beginning to make maps for some controlled hunts available for viewing on the ODFW website. Hunters may periodically check the department website for an updated listing of controlled hunt maps.

Each of the following sources produce and stock their own maps. Some maps are free. Others have a slight charge. A num­ber of maps prepared by private commercial companies are available at sporting goods stores and other commercial outlets.

Bureau of Land Management

P.O. Box 2965

333 SW First Ave

Portland, OR 97201



Oregon Department of Transportation

GIS Unit

555 13th St, NE

Salem, OR 97310



Oregon State Forestry Department

2600 State Street, Building 10

Salem, OR 97310



Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

State Office Building

800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 965

Portland, OR 97232



Hunting is prohibited in Crater Lake NP. Unloaded weapons may be possessed in a temporary lodging or mechanical mode of conveyance when such implements are rendered temporarily inoperable, or are packed, cased, or stored in a manner that prevents their ready use.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

P.O. Box 2946

Portland, OR 97208