Licenses, Controlled Hunt Applications & Tags

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The ODFW POS system and online sales are available 24 hours a day. Check with your local license agent to determine store hours for POS sales.

Note: As a hunter it is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure the hunts you apply for (all choices in all series) are hunts you want to participate in.
  • Monitor your preference points, tags allocated to specific hunts, and odds of drawing a tag.
  • Ensure the actual area you are interested in hunting is within the hunt boundary and is open for hunting access.
  • Secure access to any private lands you wish to hunt on within the established hunt area boundary.

ODFW strives to make all information available to all hunters and ODFW will not reinstate preference points or change tags because the tag you drew is not the one you wanted or expected.


You can buy a hunting license in person, by mail, via the internet, or by fax. A $2.00 shipping and handling fee applies. You must have a license to apply for controlled hunts or buy tags (license may be purchased before or at the same time you purchase your controlled hunt applications or general season tags.)

Controlled Hunt Applications

To apply for a controlled hunt, you must have a valid hunting license.

Application fee is $8.00 per hunt series.Apply at a license agent, via the internet, by mail or by fax.

  • To apply by mail or fax, use the application form at odfw.com/resources/forms_applications. A $2.00 shipping and handling fee applies. If applying in person or via the internet, you may use the application form as a worksheet to speed up the process. License agents will ask for information shown on the application form.
  • Available hunt choices are listed in the controlled hunt tables for each species/series.
  • Enter at least one complete hunt number choice (3-digit minimum). You may enter up to four additional hunt choices. All hunt choices on one application for a series must have the same first digit.
  • Hunters should apply for more than one hunt choice in case a particular hunt is cancelled.
  • Verify that all information entered is what you requested before the transaction is completed. The license agent will give you an application receipt showing your hunt choices. You should check it for accuracy before you leave the license outlet and keep it for proof of application.

Party Applications

You must indicate if you are applying as an individual, party member or party leader when applying for your controlled hunts. All applicants, including party leader must purchase separate applications. Parties must assign one member as the party leader. Each party member, except party leader, must enter their party leader’s Hunter/Angler ID number on their application.

  • The party leader’s hunt choices will be used for the entire party. All members must list the same choices as the party leader on their individual applications.
  • Party-size limitations: 18 hunters for deer and elk; six hunters for black bear; only two hunters for pronghorn antelope. No party applications are permitted for bighorn sheep or Rocky Mt goat.
  • All persons in parties that exceed the allowed party size will be considered single applicants in the drawing.
  • Parties will not be split to fill hunt quotas. This also applies to limits on controlled hunts for nonresidents. If the nonresident maximum is reached, parties composed solely or partially of nonresidents will not receive tags in that particular hunt.

Correcting Errors or Changing Applications

If there is an error on your controlled hunt application (incorrect party leader’s license number, hunt choice, etc.), or if you need to change your application, you must contact the Controlled Hunt staff by June 1 to have it corrected. There is no charge for the first controlled hunt application change for each controlled hunt series (200 Series = Elk, 400 Series = Pronghorn, etc.). There is a $25.00 fee for subsequent application changes to the same hunt series. Mail a photocopy of your application with the corrections marked to ODFW-Controlled Hunts, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr SE Salem, OR 97302, or fax to 503-947-6113 or 6117.

Purchasing Tags

Youths who will turn 12 during a season (controlled or general) must purchase their tag prior to the tag sale deadline but may not hunt until they turn 12.

General Season Tags

You may purchase or claim tags directly from a license agent, by mail, or fax before the tag sale deadline.

To purchase or claim by mail or fax, use the application form odfw.com/resources/forms_applications. Be sure to clearly identify which tags you want to purchase and include appropriate fees. If purchasing by mail, fax or via the internet, please remember to allow time for delivery.

General season tags available are:

  • Fall Black Bear
  • SW Additional Bear (resident and nonresident)
  • Cascade Additional Bear (Nonresident)
  • Western Oregon Deer
  • Cougar
  • Additional Cougar
  • Deer Bow
  • Elk Bow
  • Cascade Elk
  • Coast Elk First Season
  • Coast Elk Second Season
  • Rocky Mt Elk First Season
  • Rocky Mt Elk Second Season

Controlled Hunt Tags

  • Hunters have the option of deciding whether or not they want to purchase the tag for the hunt choice drawn.
  • Successful applicants may purchase or pick up tags directly from a license agent, or purchase by mail or fax by the day before the hunt.
  • Telephone purchases are not accepted.
  • Check the tag purchase deadline to allow plenty of time to complete this transaction.
  • To purchase or pick up tags in person, go to a license agent and buy the tag(s) you drew.
  • To purchase tags by mail or fax: Make a photocopy of your license, or write your full name and hunting license number on a piece of paper. Include a check, money order, VISA or MasterCard for the tag fee amount and a $2.00 shipping and handling fee payable to ODFW. If paying by credit card, include the account number, expiration date and signature to authorize charges. Do not send cash.
  • Mail to:


    4034 Fairview Industrial Dr SE

    Salem, OR 97302;

  • or fax payment if using a credit card to 503-947-6117 or 6113.


Notifications (successful or unsuccessful) will be made available by Feb. 20 (spring black bear) and June 20 (big game). Check draw results by visiting the website (www.odfw.com click My Hunter Reporting), calling the ODFW Controlled Hunts 503-947-6102 or 1-800-708-1782 (In Oregon only), or returning to any license agent. It is the hunter’s responsibility to verify success in the drawing (ODFW no longer mails postcard notifications) and purchase or pick up any tags by the earliest opening day before the hunt begins, or by the earliest opening date for hunts with split-season dates, including tags obtained with a Sports Pac.

If successful: Tags must be purchased or picked up by the day before the hunt begins. In the case of a controlled hunt tag that is also good for general season, the tag must be purchased or picked up by the day before the earliest hunt or by the earliest opening date for hunts with split-season dates.

If unsuccessful: Hunters may purchase a general season tag and/or purchase leftover tags if available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Controlled Hunt Deadlines

For controlled hunt deadline information.

Preference Point System

  • Hunters who apply and do not receive their first choice for pronghorn, deer, elk and spring black bear controlled hunts receive a preference point for future controlled drawings for those species.
  • All party applicants will receive one preference point for the species listed above if they do not receive their first hunt choice.
  • Hunters DO NOT have to apply for the same hunt number in consecutive years to gain points.
  • Preference points will be kept on file under a person’s Hunter/Angler ID number.
  • Failure to consistently use the same ID number can prevent you from being successful in the drawing.
  • Party applicant points shall be determined by totaling preference points of all party members and then calculating the average of this total. Average party preference points will be rounded up from .51 and rounded down from .50 to the next whole number (example: 3.51 to 4; 3.50 to 3).
  • Drawing a first choice hunt within a hunt series takes the successful hunter’s point total back to zero whether or not they purchase the tag, except for those hunters with a Pioneer Angling/Hunting License. Successful applicants with a Pioneer Angling/Hunting License shall have one preference point when they next apply for a tag in that hunt number series. Hunters who successfully draw second or lower hunt choices still receive a preference point for future drawings except in the case of a first hunt choice that is cancelled. Their existing preference point total will also carry over. Hunters who indicate a Point Saver number, one ending in 99, will receive a preference point that will add to any existing points for that hunt series.
  • Hunters will not forfeit their preference points if they do not apply for a hunt series for two or more consecutive years. Preference points remain in the system until they are redeemed by drawing a hunt.
  • Applicants who have their license suspended by legal action will forfeit all preference points.
  • Youth participating in the Mentored Youth Hunting Program will receive one mentored youth preference point for each year they register for the program. See odfw.com/education/mentored_youth.

Point Saver Hunt Numbers

Point Saver hunt numbers give hunters a preference point and maintain existing
preference points. If you do not plan to hunt in a controlled hunt series, you can apply for a Point Saver to gain a preference point. You can still hunt during general seasons and/or purchase leftover tags if available. You can also apply for an emergency hunt in addition to general, controlled hunt and/or leftover tags.

How to Apply: (see odfw.com/resources/hunting/big_game/controlled_hunts/#how for controlled hunt application procedures).

  • You must have a hunting license.
  • Apply by the appropriate deadline (Feb. 10 for 700 series black bear; May 15 for all other hunt series). Or, you may purchase one Point Saver for the current year, for each series from July 1 through Nov. 30 if you did not apply during the controlled hunt drawing for that series.
  • Select the Point Saver number for the appropriate hunt series (1 hunt series per application).
    199 for Buck Deer
    299 for Elk
    499 for Pronghorn Antelope
    699 for Antlerless Deer
    799 for Spring Bear
  • You CANNOT apply for other hunt choices within the same series if using the Point Saver number.
  • Youth applying for a Point Saver CANNOT apply for a First Time Youth tag in the same series later in the same year.
  • Youth nine years of age or older are eligible to apply for point savers provided they have a social security number, a hunter/angler ID number and purchase a hunting license.

How the Drawing Works

  • The computer assigns each application a 10-digit random number. Members of the public pick a 10-digit number at random for each hunt series. Those random starting numbers are used by the computer to select successful applicants.
  • Hunting parties are maintained by the computer and only the party leader’s
    10-digit number is used in the drawing.
  • The controlled hunt drawing allocates 75% of first choice available tags for a hunt to applicants with existing preference points. The remaining 25% will be drawn randomly from a pool of all applicants. This step ensures that all applicants have some chance of drawing a tag each year they apply.
  • All applicants are grouped by preference points and then arranged by 10-digit random number within preference point group. Applicants with the highest number of preference points for each hunt number will be drawn first. Applicants having the next highest number of preference points per hunt number will be drawn next. This tag issuance process will continue through descending numbers of preference points until 75 percent of the tags authorized for the hunt have been issued, or all applicants with preference points have been issued tags.
  • Tags are awarded in each preference point group beginning with the applicant whose 10-digit number matches (or is closest to and above) the start number.
  • The selection continues with the applicant having the next higher number and continues until 75% of available tags are awarded or until all first-choice applicants have received tags. Any remaining tags from the 75% will be added to the 25%.
  • Then all remaining applicants are rearranged solely by 10-digit random number to award the remaining tags (25% of total available).
  • All applicants in a hunt series are grouped by first hunt choice. Tags are assigned to first choice applicants as above until all tags are assigned or all first choices are filled. Tags are only assigned to second choice applicants after all first choices have been filled.
  • Selection is still based on the draw
    numbers described above.
  • This sequence is followed for 3rd, 4th and 5th choices. Preference points do not apply to 2nd or lower choices.

Leftover Controlled Tags

Leftover tags for hunts with fewer applicants than there are tags will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 10 a.m. (Pacific time) on Mar. 15 for black bear and July 1 for all other big game series until all tags are sold as follows:

  • Hunts having leftover tags may include: Controlled Deer hunts (100 series), Controlled Elk hunts (200 series), Controlled Pronghorn Antelope (400 series), Controlled Antlerless Deer (600 series) and Controlled Spring Bear (700 series).
  • Only hunts with more tags than applicants (including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th hunt choices) in the Controlled Hunt Drawing will qualify. Tags awarded through the controlled hunt drawing, but not claimed or purchased will not be included or available for sale.
  • Tags from “unlimited” tag hunts, hunts where the tag is also valid during a general season and some hunts where access is limited may be excluded from the first-come, first-serve process.
  • A list of hunts and available leftover tags for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis will be made available at license agents and ODFW offices by Mar. 15 for spring bear and July 1 for all other big game species.
  • Leftover tags except LOP tags may only be purchased in person at license agents or ODFW offices. Mail orders and faxes will not be accepted for leftover tags.
  • Leftover LOP tags may only be purchased through the Controlled Hunts office.
  • Only one leftover tag may be purchased per person per hunt series.
  • Leftover tags are in addition to General Season, Controlled Hunt, or LOP tags you may purchase in a series.
  • Leftover tags MUST be purchased by the day before the earliest opening date.
  • Leftover tags purchased by youth do not impact their eligibility for “First Time” tags in that series.
  • Leftover tags will be sold at the regular price for the current hunting season. However, leftover tags may be sold at a price up to four times the regular amount in the future.
  • No preference points will be given or taken away when purchasing leftover tags.

Wildlife restoration Your purchase of hunting equipment supports Wildlife Restoration.

Cancelled Hunts

  • Information about any cancelled hunts will be made available to the general public by Apr. 15.
  • A postcard will be sent to all applicants who apply for a hunt that is cancelled by Apr. 15, stating the hunt applied for has been cancelled and the following options are available:
    • Option 1 – The second hunt choice becomes first choice. If a hunter is successful in the draw, no preference points are awarded and existing preference points will return to zero. If unsuccessful, applicants will receive a preference point.
    • Option 2 – Request an application change for another hunt at no additional cost through the Salem office (submit through mail, fax, etc.), or for a Point Saver at no additional cost.
    • Option 3 – Withdraw application
      with refund, receive no preference point.
    • If ODFW does not receive
      notification from an applicant, Option 1 will be chosen.

Nonresident Applicants

  • A maximum of 3% of tags for pronghorn antelope and black bear hunts and a maximum 5% of tags for controlled deer and controlled elk hunts can be issued to nonresidents. No less than 5% and no more than 10% of all bighorn sheep and Rocky Mt goat tags will be issued to nonresidents. Less than the maximum percentage may be issued, as nonresident applications receive no preference other than existing preference points in the drawings. The Guides and Outfitters Program impacts the number of nonresident tags available in the drawing.
  • Parties will not be split if the nonresident maximum is reached for any hunt.
  • Parties composed solely or partially of nonresidents will not be eligible to receive tags in a hunt after the nonresident maximum is reached.

Nonresidents Black Bear Application Procedures

  1. Applicants must provide the following information: full name, current address, date of birth, Social Security number, Angler/Hunter I.D. (if known) and tele­phone number. (See odfw.com/resources/forms_applications for mail order form).
  2. Applicants must include fees of $15.50 per tag and $160.50 for a non­res­i­dent hunting license (if not already purchased), with the application.
  3. Applicants shall specify areas for which they are applying in order of choice. Nonresident bear hunters may obtain one general season nonresident bear tag for a specified area and one additional nonresident bear tag valid for specified areas of southwest Oregon.

Controlled Hunt Information

The computer-assisted telephone line allows hunters to access preference point information or to check the status of their applications, by entering their ID number and selecting the type of information desired. You can also access this information on our website at www.odfw.com. Controlled Hunt staff will also be available during regular business hours.

Controlled Hunts

503-947-6102 or

1-800-708-1782 (In Oregon only)

Guides And Outfitters

As enacted by the 1997 Oregon State Legislature, the Guides and Outfitters Program provides guides and outfitters with the opportunity to market nonresident tags. A number of tags equal to one-half the nonresident tags drawn in the previous year are available through this program. Guides certified by the Oregon State Marine Board submitted applications and competed for the right to market these tags. Tags not sold to guides by Apr. 15 are available in that year’s big game drawing. Information on Guides and Outfitters can be obtained from Oregon State Marine Board in Salem, 503-378-2519.

Emergency Hunts

An emergency hunt is a hunt held on short notice to address acute agricultural or reforestation damage. Most game damage situations are addressed during the annual big game seasons and ODFW anticipates very few emergency hunts during any year. Emergency hunt bag limits are in addition to any animals harvested during general seasons, controlled hunts, or leftover hunts.

When to Apply: Applications received between July 1 – July 31 will be randomly assigned to lists. After July 31, names will be placed on lists in the order received.

How to Apply: Emergency hunt participants are selected from a list established on a county-by-county basis. You may apply for one county only. Applicants can request an emergency hunt application from the headquarters office, any regional office or some district offices, or apply online at https://fwpubapps.dfw.state.or.us/EmergencyHunt. Hard copy applications must be submitted to the headquarters office of ODFW, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, Oregon 97302.

Who May Apply: Hunters 12 years and older at the time of application are eligible. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 21 or older) while hunting.

Disqualification: Applicants submitting more than one application will
be disqualified. Application forms that are incomplete or illegible will be disqualified.

Landowners: Landowners are eligible to receive Landowner Preference (LOP) tags to hunt on their land within emergency hunt areas. See the ODFW website for details.

Notification for Emergency Hunts: Individuals listed for a county in which a hunt is to be held will be notified by telephone and given instructions on when and where to check in for the hunt. Individuals unable to meet the time schedule will be bypassed, but will retain their position on the list. Individuals participating in a hunt will be removed from the list.

Emergency Hunt Tags: Hunters must possess a valid hunting license and Emergency Hunt Tag issued by ODFW personnel. Hunters must check in and out of the hunt area as directed by ODFW personnel. Successful hunters must:

  • Tag the harvested animal immediately;
  • Contact the ODFW office that
    authorized the hunt; and
  • Pay a fee equal to the regular tag fee for that species.

Uniformed Services Active Duty Controlled Hunt Tags

Oregon’s active duty members of the uniformed services stationed outside of the state can obtain a controlled deer, elk, or spring bear hunt tag if they return to Oregon on leave during the season so they can hunt with their family and friends. To qualify for these tags the individual must be from Oregon, currently stationed outside of the state, and maintain Oregon residency.

  • Tags will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until the authorized number of tags have been issued.
  • All hunt specific regulations for the hunt where a tag is issued will apply.
  • Tag recipient must pay the standard resident price for the tag.
  • For further information please contact an ODFW District Office to make an appointment.

Controlled Hunts 101

Learn more about preference points, draw success rates, and considerations for making a hunt your first or second choice. Read about tips to get the best hunting opportunities year after year. Visit our website at www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/hunting/big_game/controlled_hunts/docs/Controlled_Hunt_Flyer.pdf

Landowner Preference Program (LOP)

How to Apply: Landowners must register, file tag distribution forms and purchase controlled hunt applications prior to the deadlines below. Only one representative landowner, or stockholder of a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), or representative partner of a partnership may register. Registration packets may be obtained by contacting any local ODFW office, or by contacting the ODFW Controlled Hunt office in Salem at 503-947-6100.

Landowner tags are not issued automatically upon filing of tag distribution forms. All landowners and eligible applicants must purchase controlled hunt applications prior to the deadlines specified below. Applicants for LOP tags must indicate a landowner preference hunt choice on their applications.

Deadlines for submitting LOP registration and tag distribution forms and LOP controlled hunt applications are in the table below.

If applying for LOP tags in the big game drawing, you have the option of applying for up to five hunt choices plus LOP or applying for LOP only.

If applying for controlled hunt tags, or if applying for a limited landowner deer or elk tag (see following note), all forms and applications must be received by May 15 for the June drawing.

Note: : LOP tags are not available for the long duration (August 1 – December 31) or the Melrose 223T (August 1 – March 31) youth elk hunts. In certain hunts LOP tags will be limited. In these hunts LOP tags will be limited to five tags or 10% of the total controlled hunt tags, whichever is greater. This limitation applies to all mule deer buck hunts in Units that are below population management objective. The list of affected mule deer buck hunts will be available starting May 1 of each year. Additionally, some elk hunts and some additional buck deer hunts will be limited. The affected elk hunts are: 226R, 226Y, 248A1, 249A1, 250X, 251A, 252A1, 253X, 254R1, 254Y1, 255R1, 255Y1, 256R1, 256Y1, 259Y, 261X, 262X and 263X. The affected additional buck hunts are: 141C, 142B, 154C, 156R2, 165R, 168R2, and 170R3. For more information call Controlled Hunts at 503-947-6100 or online at www.ODFW.com. Pronghorn antelope hunts with an either-sex or a one doe or fawn bag limit occurring on a landowner’s registered property are also eligible. If an applicant is successful in receiving a LOP pronghorn antelope tag for a hunt with an either-sex bag limit, the LOP tag is automatically issued with a bag limit of one doe or fawn.


LOP Eligible Hunt Series

LOP Deadlines

Purchase of Controlled Hunt Application

Landowner Registration/Tag Distribution Forms (see note 1)

Tag Purchase (see note 3)

100 series deer Day before hunt Sept. 15 (see note 2) Day before hunt
100 series deer (limited) May 15 to be in June drawing May 15 for June drawing Day before hunt
200 series elk (bull and either sex) Day before hunt Sept. 15 (see note 2) Day before hunt
200 series elk (antlerless) Day before hunt Day before hunt Day before hunt
200 series elk (Long Duration Youth) LOP not available LOP not available LOP not available
200 series elk (limited) May 15 for June drawing May 15 for June drawing Day before hunt
200 series elk (Leftover limited tags) Sept. 15 (see note 2) Sept. 15 (see note 2) Day before hunt
400 series pronghorn antelope (see note 4) Day before hunt Day before hunt Day before hunt
600 series deer Day before hunt Day before hunt Day before hunt

The number of tags allowed per hunt series is based on registered landowner acreage.



Hunt Types



All hunts except pronghorn antelope, eastern Oregon buck or either-sex deer and eastern Oregon bull and either-sex elk hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts



All Hunts