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Wetland Development Units & Waterfowl Hunting Areas

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Wetland Development Units (WDUs) are wetland units where all shotgun hunting is restricted to federally-approved nontoxic shot and the possession of lead shot is prohibited. In addition, shooting hours for waterfowl close at 1 p.m. daily.

Wetland Development Units (WDUs) are areas specially managed to provide waterfowl hunting and important habitat and refuge resources to waterfowl and other migratory birds. Many WDU maps are available at Other public lands available for waterfowl hunting are listed on General Waterfowl Hunting Regulations.

  1. Copan WMA & WDU

    Biologist: John Rempe (918) 629-5108

  2. Deep Fork WMA –
    Swift Bottoms WDU

    Biologist: Bruce Burton (918) 759-1816

  3. Drummond Flats WMA

    Biologist: Thad Potts (580) 541-5319

  4. Eufaula WMA –
    Deep Fork WDU

    Sr. Biologist: J.D. Ridge (918) 617-1113

  5. Foss Lake

    Contact (580) 592-4433

  6. Fort Cobb WMA
    Walnut Slough WDU

    Habitat Coordinator:
    Kent Swanda (580) 595-0347

  7. Grassy Slough WMA & WDU

    Biologist: Richard Beagles (580) 320-3176

  8. Hackberry Flat WMA/WDU

    Biologist: Kelvin Schoonover (405) 823-8425

  9. Hugo WMA – Hugo/Kiamichi River & Sawyer WDUs

    Biologist: Richard Beagles (580) 320-3176

  10. Hulah WMA –
    Whipporwill WDU

    Biologist: John Rempe (918) 629-5108

  11. Keystone WMA –
    Boston Pool, Buckeye Creek
    & Cottonwood Creek WDUs

    Biologist: Matt Mattioda (918) 629-4625

  12. Lake Thunderbird

    Contact (405) 364-7634

  13. Love Valley WMA –
    Stevens Springs WDU

    Biologist: Brandon Baker (405) 823-9038

  14. McClellan-Kerr WMA –
    Billy Creek & Chouteau WDUs

    Sr. Biologist: Mike Plunkett (918) 625-3910

  15. Mountain Park WMA & WDU

    Habitat Coordinator:
    Kent Swanda (580) 595-0347

  16. Okmulgee WMA – Okmulgee East & Okmulgee West WDUs

    Biologist: Bruce Burton (918) 759-1816

  17. Oologah WMA –
    Overcup Bottoms &
    Upper Verdigris WDUs

    Biologist: Russell Perry (918) 629-5286

  18. Red Slough WMA & WDU

    Biologist: Richard Beagles (580) 320-3176

  19. Sooner Lake

    Contact (405) 396-2503

  20. Texoma/Washita Arm WMA – Washita Arm WDU

    Biologist: John Carter (405) 823-8383

  21. Tishomingo Wildlife Management Unit

    Biologist: John Carter (405) 823-8383

  22. Waurika WMA – Waurika WDU & Walker Creek WDU

    Habitat Coordinator:
    Kent Swanda (580) 595-0347

  23. White Grass Flats
    WMA & WDU

    Biologist: Richard Beagles (580) 320-3176

  24. Wister WMA – Joe Johnson WDU & Fourche Maline WDU

    Biologist: Chris Parker (918) 721-2990

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