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Hunter Education

Top Five

Tree stand Safety Tips

  1. Always wear a full body safety harness while using a tree stand.
  2. Most accidents occur while entering, exiting or installing a tree stand. Be especially mindful at these times and make sure you wear your harness.
  3. Have a rescue plan in case you fall. This includes connecting your harness to the tree in a way that will allow you to get back on your stand if you fall. Also, keep a knife and cell phone or radio that will be easily accessible if you are hanging in your harness.
  4. Inspect your tree stand and safety harness before each use.
  5. Read and follow the tree stand and safety harness manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Small-Game Hunters: 15 or younger must have a hunter education card OR be with someone meeting the Accompanying Hunter Requirements.

FAQs About Hunter Education

I want to hunt but don’t have hunter education. What should I do?

You have more options than ever when it comes to hunter education. If you are 10 years or older, you can take the class online anytime or you can attend an in-person class. Find details on both at If neither of these is an option, you can hunt as an apprentice using an apprentice-designated hunting license. Find details below.

What if I have a problem with the online course?

Call (866) 521-2444 or e-mail from 6 a.m. to midnight Mondays through Fridays.

How do I get a replacement card?

Go to and click on “Education.” If you can’t find your information online, call (405) 521-3855. We’ll need to know your name and date of birth. It will help if you know when and where you took the class. We do not have access to card information issued by other states.

How do I find an in-person class?

Live classes are scheduled statewide from August through mid-November. At least one class will be scheduled per county. Go to to see scheduled courses.

I am 9 or younger and not eligible for hunter education certification. Can I still hunt?

Yes, when you are accompanied by a hunter who meets the Accompanying Hunter Requirements. If the game you are hunting requires a license, you can get an apprentice-designated license.

Replace License Online

If you lose your hunting license or hunter education certification card, don’t despair! You may now request a replacement online at the Department’s website.

To get a replacement application form, just log on to and click on “License.” Then select the type of license or card you wish to replace. Fill out the application form and mail it to us, along with the appropriate fee.

To make it easier, please visit

Apprentice-Designated License

Buying an apprentice-designated license permits hunting by anyone who has not completed Hunter Education Certification. Anyone 31 or older is not required to have Hunter Education Certification to buy a hunting license.

  • Hunters 30 and younger: Anyone who is not Hunter Education-certified may buy an apprentice-designated hunting license. Such hunters must abide by accompanying hunter requirements.
  • Hunters 9 and younger: Anyone who is not Hunter Education-certified may buy an apprentice-designated hunting license. Such hunters must abide by accompanying hunter requirements.
  • Accompanying hunter requirements: A person 18 or older who is licensed (unless exempt) and Hunter Education-certified (unless exempt). For big game hunting, an accompanying hunter must be within arm’s length of the apprentice hunter or close enough to take immediate control of the firearm or bow of the apprentice. For small game hunting, the accompanying hunter must be within sight of and able to communicate with the apprentice in a normal voice without aid.

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