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Aquatic Resources Education


Working to Enhance the Future of Fishing

The Aquatic Resources Education Program (AREP) promotes the sport of fishing and aquatic resource awareness. It is a way to give youths and others an opportunity to learn about Oklahoma’s aquatic environments and how to fish.


Developed in 1988, the program’s objectives are to:

  • Increase the understanding, appreciation, and awareness of Oklahoma’s aquatic resources.
  • Facilitate the learning of angling skills, outdoor ethics, and sport-fishing opportunities in the state.
  • Enhance urban fishing opportunities.
  • Develop Family Fishing Clinics or seminars.
  • Provide information on specialized fishing techniques.

What is an Aquatic Resources Education Fishing Clinic?

A fishing clinic consists of an educational component that teaches basic fishing techniques. This is usually followed by an opportunity to fish at a nearby pond or lake. Clinics are conducted by certified volunteer instructors or Wildlife Department employees.

A fishing clinic presents information on topics such as:

  • Fish Identification.
  • Knot Tying.
  • Fish Cleaning and Cooking.
  • Equipment Demonstration.
  • Water Safety.
  • Outdoor Ethics.
  • Water Quality.
  • Laws and Regulations.

What is Oklahoma Fishing In The Schools?

Following on the success of the Oklahoma National Archery In The Schools Program, the Wildlife Department began to provide training for teachers to incorporate the Aquatic Resources Education Program into the classroom. The program became known as “Oklahoma Fishing In The Schools.” About 150 schools across the state have become certified and involved with the program since it was started in 2011.

For more information about participating in the Aquatic Resources Education Program, either through a fishing clinic or through Oklahoma Fishing In The Schools, look under the “Education” tab at

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